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  • THE MORGUE short film watch, Azerbaijan, Horror/Animation

    A zombie girl comes out of the morgue and is horrified by the image of the movie The Ring on the TV. (Real voices of ghosts are used in this movie)

    Directed by Majid Farzolahi

  • WHAT IS THE FOURTH DIMENSION? short film watch, 9min., Horror

    A paranormal investigator examines an eccentric woman’s sanity, unriddling the apparition she claims to contact while confronting his haunted past.


    Written & Directed by Felipe Marinheiro

    Director Statement
    My intention with this movie is...

  • THE LAST ZOMBIE short film watch, 16min., Drama/Horror

    At the conclusion of a zombie apocalypse, a lone zombie wanders the planet, isolated and threatened by every human in sight. When Nova, the last zombie, comes across a little girl who knows no fear, the two form an unlikely - and tragically short lived - friendship.

    Directed by Adam J. Vaughn


  • DYSMORPHIA short film watch, Horror/Thriller

    After Isabella fakes cancer to pay for cosmetic surgery she is haunted by a menacing shadow figure

    Writer/Director: Amy Geist

    CAST: Brit MacRae, Jordan Knapp, Nick W. Nicholson, Laura Dromerick, Blake Lindsley, Megan Gill. Debbie Deltoro. Kiki Valentine


  • LOCATION 4 short film watch, 8min., Horror/Thriller

    After getting lost during a late night work session, two location scouts start to get the feeling they aren't the only two people on the mountain.


    Writer/Director: Antonio Pinheiro

    Director Statement
    “While in-between jobs, I d...

  • FOXES short film watach, 19min., Horror/Nature

    Guided by the cries of an unseen fox, prehistoric Man and Woman struggle to survive the harshness of their environment, sickness, birth, and death.


    Directed by Greg Poppa

    Produced by Sugey Cruz


  • THE TUNNEL: Interview with a Monster short film watch, 24min., Horror/Crime

    Dr. Larry Levin, a convicted serial killer is brought to a black ops rendition site where he is to be "interviewed" by two government agents for his past crimes only to realize that some chupacabras have come to join them.

    Directed by David Llauger Meiselman

    Written by David Llauger Meiselman, ...

  • LADY & THE VAMP short film watch, 5min., Comedy/Horror

    Two "creatures of the night" discover one of their own. Or have they?

    Writer/Director: Peter Alexander Stass

    Cast: Matthew Tarricone, Nikki Findel

    Director Statement
    I am a big fan of horror and comedy. They have some things in common, and when you bring the two together, it can be a beautiful...

  • A HOLIDAY CASSEROLE YOUR MAN WILL LOVE short film watch, Horror/RomCom


    A novice stay-at-home vlogger is in the middle of making a video when her husband returns home from work. Their exchange turns violent and the camera as the camera keeps rolling...

    Director by Nina Kramer

    Cast: Katie Peabody, Gianmarco Duin, Nina Kramer, ...

  • SKINWALKER short film watch, 12min., Horror

    Two cowboy brothers investigate the disappearances of their townfolk in the cold woods of Northern Arizona, only to find that they are the ones being hunted, by something not quite animal or human.


    Writer/Director: Benjamin Gaun

    Cast: Drew Lopez, Fernand...

  • MY BABY short film watch, 23min., Horror/Thriller

    Laura is pregnant. With her husband Francisco, they move into a new house in the countryside. But the baby’s arrival will be more unsettling than they anticipated and the arrival of an intriguing neighbour will disturb their uneventful everyday.


  • GORGON short film watch, 2min., Horror/Fantasy

    A woman walking alone at night is being followed, but the stalker doesn't know she has a deadly secret.

    Directed by Emma-Jane Heaton

    Cast: Sarah Catterall, Frankie Currie

    Cinematography: Edward Armstrong

    Director Statement
    Gorgon was made for a Sheffield's DIY Filmmaker's challenge; make a fi...

  • THE DAM short film watch, 7min., Australia, Horror/Romance

    Flo likes Jesse, the boy at the neighbouring farm. Down at the dam, first love becomes a last right.


    Writer/Director Andrew Sully

    Writer Jo Tabit

    CAST: Jeremy Blewitt, Martha Morgan

    Director Statement
    The Dam explores the transition from childhood in a sl...

  • THE LOOSE END short film watch, 8min., Thriller/Horror


    After falling witness to a violent murder, a man fears the killer returning to tie loose ends.

    Student film from Loyola Marymount University

    Writer/Director Nathan Setiabudi

    Cinematographer: Kieran Armstrong

    CAST: Preston Sa...

  • THE LAST CHRISTMAS short film, 12min,. Horror/Comedy

    A mischievous 8-year-old girl unleashes a twisted Christmas nightmare, when her plans to capture Santa Claus go horribly wrong.


    Director Statement
    Growing up in England during the 8...

  • CHATEAU SAUVIGNON: TERROIR, 13min., USA, Horror / Slasher

    'Chateau Sauvignon: terroir' follows the isolated adolescent son of a storied vintner family who finds himself torn between obeying his father’s callous restrictions and preventing his ailing mother from deteriorating further. When a doting woman and her indifferent son arrive seeking a tasting a...

  • 25 Years After Woodsboro: A Scream Fan Film, 14min., USA, Fan Fiction / Horror

    This short non-profit fan film follows the events of the Scream films 1 through 4. Employees at a production company in New York making a STAB TV series are targeted by a familiar attacker during a late night at the office.

    Director Statement
    I have been a fan of the Scream films since the first...

  • CROW'S PEAK, 5min., USA, Animation/Comedy/Horror

    Drake and Frank learn a valuable life lesson after being invited to a party.


    Director Statement
    Why did the chicken cross the road? Because it was fleeing the KFC. Why did the coyote cross the ro...

  • THANK YOU FOR STAYING, 12min., USA, Horror

    A couple of city dwellers escaping the pandemic head up to a mountain rental hideaway and struggle to survive the night. Made in quarantine.

    Directed by Ty Clancey

    Cast: Britta Clancey, Ty Clancey

  • HOPE short film, 4min., Iceland, Horror/Experimental

    The apocalypse is coming. A lonely and bitter nun seeks for help to let go of her past and finally be free. The lights go out. The lights are turned on. And suddenly there is a change.

    Writer/Director: Knútur Haukstein Ólafsson

    Cinematography: Eva Rut Hjaltadóttir

  • MALAKOUT short film, 11min., Iran, Animation/Horror

    A piano player tries to bring his wife back to life, but the deal awakens the devil inside him.

    Farnoosh Abedi

  • MEASURE, 2min., UK, Horror/Experimental

    A woman contemplates how to end her relationship with her wayward partner.

    Director Statement
    I am interested in exploring the boundaries of fantastic genre and experimental film, both in form and content.

    Writer/Director: Shelagh Rowan-Legg

    Cast: Victor Correia, Shelagh Rowan-Legg


  • GLITCH Short Film, 10min., USA, Horror/Sci-Fi

    During COVID, a single mom takes on a new assignment that has chilling consequences.


    Director Statement
    Today, we’re consumed by technology more than ever, especially during a pandemic when boredom and i...

  • BIRTHDAY BOY short film, 10min., USA, Black & White/Horror

    An abusive dad gets his just desserts on his birthday.

    Directed by Dan Sellers

    Written by Alexander Julian

    Producers: Dan Sellers, Alexander Julian, Sammie Cassell

    Cast: Vince Eisenson, Kelsi Chandler