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AND AWAY short film, audience reactions (director interview)

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  • AND AWAY short film, audience reactio...

    AND AWAY, 16min., USA, Sci-Fi
    Directed by Noah Campagna
    A young mother must protect her child as she finds the world around her is vanishing.

    Get to know the filmmaker: 1. What motivated you to make this film?

    The original short story for Manen Lyset found me in October 2020. As I was reading i...

  • A TRUE NATURE short film, audience re...

    A TRUE NATURE, 15min., USA, Fantasy
    Directed by Nickolas Powers-Gomez
    Plague survivors, Liam, Bird, and Hamill navigate morality and survival instinct as they struggle to make their way through a treacherous new world in order to reach the nearest safe haven known as, "the station."


  • A LAKE OF ASHES short film, audience ...

    A LAKE OF ASHES, 18min., Canada, Fantasy
    Directed by W. James Alexander
    In a not too distant future wracked by ecological devastation, a young boy grows up on an isolated lake. Though not yet destroyed by fire, the land he lives on and the lake at its center are slowly dying. As the boy wanders,...