A collection of the best experimental short films from around the world today.

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  • TUMULT short film, 9min., USA, Dance

    In a school auditorium, two groups of students move, meet, and part: innocence and experience on seemingly parallel paths.


    Directed by Marta Renzi

    Cinematographer: Jennifer Keller

    Key Cast: Rhode Island College Dance Company

  • UNBROKEN short film, 2min., USA, Experimental/Music

    "Unbroken" is a poem written by Jean-Sebastien Surena and excerpted from his book, "Quarantined Thoughts." The visual takes us through a sunny day in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, NY. People just living their lives. Try as you might, the white man cannot break us.

    Directed by Suswana Chowdhury


  • WAKE short film, 6min., USA, Dance

    “Wake” is a dance film that serves as both a mourning and a celebration created by Rethink Dance & Chamber 6 Media. This artistic story-telling dance film was designed with a purpose to educate and bring awareness to underlying issues that have become normal in our society. The project captures a...

  • LOVE IS WILD, 2min., Music Video, USA

    A music video for singer/songwriter, Jen Sygit, by award-winning writer/actor/director Michael McCallum about the different faces of love.


    Singer & Lead Cast: Jen Sygit

    Director Statement
    I've ha...

  • HOPE short film, 4min., Iceland, Horror/Experimental

    The apocalypse is coming. A lonely and bitter nun seeks for help to let go of her past and finally be free. The lights go out. The lights are turned on. And suddenly there is a change.

    Writer/Director: Knútur Haukstein Ólafsson

    Cinematography: Eva Rut Hjaltadóttir

  • A FOREST short film, 11min., Argentina, Experimental/Drama

    The past and the present are intertwined in an old abandoned house in the middle of a forest. Into the trees, Martin walks. A tragedy. Into the trees, into the trees. Based on the song "A Forest" by The Cure.

    Directed by Adriano Curci

    Produced by Christian Sotelo

    Director Biography - Adriano C...

  • OPEN THE WINDOW short film, 3min., Italy, Music

    The room of a hospital, two women waiting. The invitation to the soul to let go, the invitation to react for who remains.

    A woman on a hospital bed, at the end of her life, is struggling to survive.
    Another woman is waiting during those final moments.
    In what is the close separation between the ...

  • DON'T LET THE BASTARDS GRIND YOU DOWN short film, 4min., UK, Experimental/Music

    A young girl girl searches for a safe haven in an urban landscape and finds solace in her own creative expression.

    Michelle Bailey's follow up to her award winning debut film 'Dad' is a personal and poignant depiction of the effects of domestic abuse on a young girls mental health. In her own wo...

  • THE LEAVING ROOM short film, 14min., China, Dance

    While sitting comfortably in her living room, feet propped up on the coffee table, Star receives quite the shock. What ensues is a journey inward, accompanied by the faces and facets of her ego. This story is stylistically kitsch and told through dance for camera in five acts.


  • MOVING PORTRAITS short film, 3min., Experimental/Dance

    Moving Portraits is a short dance film by the two dancers Himerria Wortham and Raquel Cabrera. Born out of a yearning for elevated images of women of color, Wortham and Cabrera borrowed from their respective Algerian and Mexican cultures to create this contemporary series of moving dance portrait...

  • PLASTICPOEMS short film, 2min., Canada, Animation/Experimental

    Two concrete poems come to life via animated text and sound in this short unnarrated video based on Fiona Tinwei Lam's visual poems about marine plastic pollution.


    Directed by Fiona Tinwei Lam

    Animation: Nhat Truong

    Sound Design: Tinjun Niu

    Director Statement
    Each po...

  • POSITIVE short film, 2min., France, Experimental

    POSITIVE is a film and photo series starring three people with special skin conditions. Putting a spotlight on albinism and vitiligo through negative editing , the project aims to raise awareness of these skin conditions and the multiple and intersecting forms of discrimination those with albinis...

  • MOMENTS IN PARADISE short film, 1min., Switzerland, Animation

    Plants are growing in paradise; one of them nicer, more beautiful and taller than all the other and provoke a disciplinary action. Against all odds has consequences even in paradise.

    Directed by bellopropello

  • THE DRY SALVAGES short film, 5min., Dance/Experimental

    An experimental dance film that blurs the grace of reality and explores the sense of connection and disconnection.

    Directed by Agnes Maska

    Cast: Madeleine Lee, Chase Yi, Daniel Dasent, Mark Chinnery


  • VAINSANITY, 7min., USA, Drama/Experimental/Action

    A man attempts to get the best out of himself for himself.

    Writer/Director: Pierre Schlumberger

    Produced by Danielle Afori

    Cast: Josh Hardwick

    Cinematographer: Christopher Pilarski

  • HALLOWSTIDE short film, 4min., USA, Animation/Experimental

    Dreamy, haunting forms transform, then ascend into a new spiritual world.

    Writer/Director: Steve Socki

    Music/Sound: Gary Chang

    Director Statement
    Steve Socki Aritst’s Statement Oct 2017

    "Hallowstide" is a non-narrative animated film; it is intended to be viewed as a visual poem. I was inspire...

  • MEASURE, 2min., UK, Horror/Experimental

    A woman contemplates how to end her relationship with her wayward partner.

    Director Statement
    I am interested in exploring the boundaries of fantastic genre and experimental film, both in form and content.

    Writer/Director: Shelagh Rowan-Legg

    Cast: Victor Correia, Shelagh Rowan-Legg


  • NO WOMAN, 3min., Afghanistan, Experimental

    There is a world beyond our world, when it comes to a decision, there is always a big NO to WOMEN. in this case majority suffers from it but only few women take the risk and fights for it



  • MITTA HAS BEEN MASKING short film, 3min., USA, Experimental

    A fugue on the interior elements of the personae ... psychological masking ... sense of self, dissociation and self-misrepresentation. An experiment in processing identity, autism diagnosis and psychosis, through film.



  • FELIX HAS A DREAM short film, 4min., USA, Comedy/Experimental/Sci-Fi

    As a meteor hurls towards Earth, Felix tries to party and reconnect with old friends.

    Writer/Director: Robert Campbell Sturdevant

    Cast: Max Brown

    Producer: Erin Croom

  • ALWAYS THE SUN short film, 9min., UK, Experimental / Black & White

    A short film based on a poem: always the sun by Keith Sargent. Wilderness, illness and the great British cretinocracy.

    Key Cast: Lindsay Seers


    Director Biography - Keith Sargent
    90138894a9 headshot
    Keith Sargent lives and works o...

  • LIGHT YEARS short film, 5min., Experimental/Crime

    Since the beginning of modern cinema, viewers and critics alike have been transfixed by light contrasted with darkness. This interplay of light and dark was typical of film noir, a metaphor of good and evil in plots that featured crime, detectives, and mystery. We celebrate this genre through a s...

  • PORTRAITS OF INCANTAION, 7min., Experimental/Black & White

    a film by Taso Papadakis and Robyn Nisbet

    performed, choreographed and co-produced by Robyn Nisbet

    photographed directed, edited and co-produced by

    Taso Papadakis, https://www.tasophoto.com

    original musical score by Emile de Leon / Temple Sounds, https://www.templesounds.net

    About the work: ...

  • NO MORE Short Film

    Directed by Fabricio Estevam Mira

    While shaving his head in a dark and shabby bathroom, Jesus, thin, filthy, and in torn clothes, nurtures doubts about everything. Until the owner of the crumbling hotel where he lives knocks on the door, shouting at him for months of unpaid rent. Jesus is at his...