A collection of the best experimental short films from around the world today.

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  • THE HUNTER'S EXCHANCE short film watch, 10min., Action/Experimental/Fantasy

    "A hunter seeking to kill a warrior is revealed to have committed the most taboo of all rituals to claim unspeakable power."

    This 8-minute action film throws an experimental twist on the fight scene genre while taking new directions with popular tropes from fantasy and science fiction films, tel...

  • ANA MENDIETA short film watch, 4min., Animation/Experimental


    "Ana Mendieta if" (2023) is a 3D animation, riveting cinematic homage to the influential Cuban-American artist, Ana Mendieta. This film masterfully traces the trajectory of her pioneering work in performance art, e...

  • THE WAYDRELAND MERMAID short film watch, 2min., UK, Animation

    Perched on a rocky outcrop, a lively tavern entices revellers from the port of Waydreland, whilst a storm draws in.

    Created by Alan Robert Howcroft

  • MEMORY DREAM MAN short film watch, 2min., Animation/Experimental

    A man caught between his memories and his dreams.

    Created by David H. Fein

  • REQUIEM. GENERATION. BREAKER short film watch, 7min., Animation

    After a father witnesses a murder, Myck, and his family become targeted by an inter-dimensional demon.

    LISTEN to interview with filmmaker: https://www.wildsoundpodcast.com/the-film-podcast-by-wildsound/tag/Derwin+Hayden

    Director/Writer: Derwin A Hayden

    Writer: Nova Pena

    CAST: Walker Meyn, De...

  • YOU CAN’T DO A THING short film watch, 4min., Singapore, Experimental/Dance

    We scrutinise and curate how we move through the world for fear of the undesirable and unpredictable in ourselves surfacing. But when we repeatedly recognize this fear as part of ourselves do we shed the instinct to overpower it. Only then do we begin freeing fear instead of fighting it.


  • ELEMENTS: BEAUTIFUL UNTRUE THINGS short film watch, Sweden, Dance / Experimental


    Elements is a solo choreography that is the intersection of nature, fashion, Venusian imagery, and movement. Elements is an exploration of dance/movement and the elements of nature, earth, sun, water and air. The natural influences and sounds of these...

  • SAINT short film watch, 10min., Dance/Experimental

    Saint seeks to present a process of evolution that is about spiritual change, technology, and identity of a human being. Through the transformation in 3 layers of clothings, which represent the past, present, and future in time, the identity of the dancer was exposed through the generating and re...

  • ENFOLD short film watch, 4min., Experimental/Animation

    Mysterious figures dance within a shrouded, watery world of textures. Hidden images reverberate with accompanying sounds of glass harmonica.

    Directed by Steve Socki

    Music by Gary Chang

    BIO of director:

    Steve Socki is an independent animation artist and an associate professor at DePaul Univer...

  • 13 STROKES..... - Watch Award Winning Short Film. 7min. Greece

    To write and create the short art experimental film “13 Strokes…” [Dark Traces (Collective), Publishing House Iliaxtida, Athens, September 2022] i was inspired by my short story “Thirteen Strokes”, concentrating on the heart of the narrative, the uncured trauma that keeps on taking up space in th...

  • SPEAKING OF SILENCE short film, 11min., Canada, Experimental/Music/Romance

    Before a musician performs live, the sounds of their own song must be heard head-on when love and time cross paths.

    Directed by Colin Williams



  • WRECK music video, 4min., Canada

    Directed by Curtis Jensen

    Produced by Jean-Paul De Roover

    Musicians: Jean-Paul De Roover, Scott Edwards, Jared Schaaf, Mack Davis

  • RAILWAY MAP, 30min., Finland, Dance/Experimental

    "The Mayan Train" is a project to be built in the Yucatán Península, México. The construction has been fast-tracked to start in 2020 ignoring social and environmental concerns.

    Shot among remnants of an old railroad line and exploring different concepts, this experimental film interprets the spa...

  • Élixir short film, 10min., Canada, Dance/Experimental

    After the recent break up of a longterm relationship, Maeve must move through nostalgia and pain to find herself again.

    Directed by Jean-Marc Abela

    Performer/Artistic Director: Elie-Anne Ross

  • THE DENDROVERSE, 4min., Experimental/Thriller

    Fear of heights, cockroaches or dark. Fear can differ; some fears are minor, while others can be big. And when you overcome them, you feel more substantial than you were as you understand they were only panic inside your head and nothing else. And you just needed a bit of courage to win over them...

  • ANIMAL short film, 7min., France, Dance/Experimental

    This short film is an adaption of the performance Animale (choreography by Lisie Philip, music by Laurent Tamagno). It was produced for an event in the MAMAC (the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art of Nice) called “la Nuit des Musées” in 2017. I perceived the show as a celebration of the vital...

  • SILENT RHYTHM, 36min., USA, Documentary / Dance

    This short documentary explores the relationship dancers have with music, especially when none of the dancers can hear the music. The Gallaudet Dance Company is home to a small dance studio that pushes the meaning of dance beyond the scope of sound. This year marked a specific turning point for t...

  • TEETER short film, 7min., Canada, Experimental Dance

    Teeter portrays a codependent relationship between two people; one of whom plays the role of supporter and caretaker whilst the other moves freely, unencumbered by their own instability. The help given is often taken without the knowledge of the person receiving it; as if an invisible safety net ...

  • caprice x2 short film, 4min., Animation/Experimental

    forms and gestures, situations over a copy (is_t) existance. marks and notes happening while light resounds.

    Directed by Claudia Ungersbäck

  • PASSAGE short film, 2min., Australia, Animation/Experimental

    A surreal and expressionistic animation. A painted female figure steps through a doorway, undergoing a surreal exploration of body and identity, whilst being confronted with distortions of herself. Digitally painted frame by frame animation.


    Produced by...

  • AUDIBLE LOCKDOWN short film, 15min,. Australia, Experimental/Music

    A kaleidoscopic audiovisual portrait of the city of Melbourne during the COVID lockdowns in 2020. All sounds have been created from field recordings made in the Melbourne CBD under lockdown, and all footage has similarly been gathered from the city.


  • THE MIDNIGHT TRIP short film, 7min., USA, Experimental/Drama

    On his way through the desert at night to an important business meeting a man’s car breaks down and he is forced to confront his own past and to reconsider his values.



  • IN DIFFERENCE, 2min,. USA, Experimental

    In-Difference is an ethereal, poetic glimpse at the trials and tribulations of a modern romance and its artifacts.

    W.H.Auden The More Loving One
    Music Frederic Chopin Prelude in e-minor (Op.28 No.4)

    Nisey Woods
    Adam Brudnicki

    Directed by Nina Marinov
    Produced by Clayton Nix
    Director of ...

  • I WAS, 2min., USA, Experimental

    I WAS is a lyrical, experimental meditation on the journey to extinguish the ego and reconcile one’s mortality

    Directed and edited by Nina Marinov
    Cinematography by Chris Anthony Hamilton

    Excerpts from works of Anne Sexton and Sylvia Plath
    and Sadhguru’s meditation