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  • Flowing - My dream of more freedom short film watch, 4min., Environmental

    In “Flowing – My dream of more freedom” the river itself speaks to us about its dream of flowing wilder and freer again, thereby providing a home (again) to a diversity of species.

    Rivers have always provided fundamental and vital services for mankind and the environment.
    However, dams, weirs an...

  • DREAM FROM BEYOND short film watch, Albania, Animation/Political



  • WOLF WATCHERS short film watch, 15min., Documentary

    Braving the realities of the harsh Montana winter and changing hunting regulations, hobby and career biologists track and study wolves in the Northern Tier of Yellowstone National Park. While the fate of wolves remains uncertain, the devotion and passion of Yellowstone’s Wolf Watchers are always ...

  • THE FLOOD short film watch, 1min., France, Environmental/Comedy

    A political debate, broadcast live on a 24-hour news channel. As the speakers are arguing about social issues, water invades the set and floods the whole room. Nobody seems to notice ...


    Directed by David Te...

  • REFUGIO short film watch, Documentary/Environmental

    Sergio, a 27 year old environmental engineer, veterinary student and environmental activist in Bolivia makes it his life's mission to save animals and the vulnerable ecosystems we depend on. His journey takes us to Senda Verde, an animal refuge in the jungle with over 900 wild animals rescued fro...

  • AHORA SOMOS NOSOTRES short film watch, 10min., Dance

    “Ahora Somos Nosotres” was filmed in Castro, Chiloé, Chile amidst the natural and historic landmarks of the island. Three dancers awaken themselves to new surroundings as they venture into unknown territory. Accompanied by the music of Pájaros Kiltros, the dancers take a surprising journey in an ...

  • FOXES short film watach, 19min., Horror/Nature

    Guided by the cries of an unseen fox, prehistoric Man and Woman struggle to survive the harshness of their environment, sickness, birth, and death.


    Directed by Greg Poppa

    Produced by Sugey Cruz


  • REBIRTH short film watch, 12min., Animation/Environmental


    Rebirth: Intended to foster environmental climate change awareness by children, Rebirth is A Child’s Environmentally-Friendly Fairytale -- a 12-minute animated musical sui...

  • KARIBU NYUMBANI short film watch, 12min., Documentary/Environmental

    “Karibu Nyumbani” translates as “Welcome to my Home” in Swahili. Guides in the Maasai Mara have a deep-rooted pride, knowledge, and love for wildlife. This film encapsulates that passion from the perspective of George Osono, a guide in Mara North Conservancy, who completely embodies this spirit o...

  • RESTORATION NATION short film watch, 7min., Documentary

    The Jamestown S'Klallam Tribe keeps the health of the natural resources in mind when approaching sustainable development projects that benefit both the tribe and the surrounding community.


  • THE GREAT BASIN! short film watch, 15min., Documentary/Environmental

    Or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Desert

    The Great Basin! Or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Desert is a film, book and print project that addresses climate change, the severe drought in the Western United States, gun culture, the military’s use of the basin and range ...

  • WILD TERRITORY short film watch, 27min., Documentary/Environmental

    Wild Territory explores the relationship between a daring wildlife photographer, Etienne Littlefair, and the vast freshwater ecosystems that define Australia's far north. From free-diving in murky water to find crocodiles and rare turtles, to spending days on end staking out drying riverbeds for ...

  • EXTINGUISH THE BURNERS AND LIGHT UP LIFE short film watch, 30min., Documentary

    Pablo Fajardo, the renowned environmental lawyer who managed to bring down the North American transnational Chevron (formerly Texaco), shows us his world of commitment for the rights of an Amazonian population affected by oil activities. Together with the activist Donald Moncayo and the Union of ...

  • AGAPE, 5min., Canada, Dance

    AGAPE is a short dance film loosely inspired by the film "If Beale Street Could Talk". It takes us on a journey of Black love in everyday moments through movement. It is a letter to the potential hope of life and love.

    Directed by Zoe Edwards

    Listen to podcast interview with filmmaker: https://...

  • REFUGIO short film, 9min., Bolivia, Documentary/Environment

    Sergio, a 27 year old environmental engineer, veterinary student and environmental activist in Bolivia makes it his life's mission to save animals and the vulnerable ecosystems we depend on. His journey takes us to Senda Verde, an animal refuge in the jungle with over 900 wild animals rescued fro...

  • THE LIVING SEA, 15min., Hong Kong, Documentary

    Logline: 12-year-old scuba diver Ema sets on a quest to find out why corals around the globe are dying but somehow in Hong Kong they are more resilient.

    Synopsis: We are the only planet with oceans, and they are indispensable for our survival. However, many people are unaware of the importance o...

  • BETWEEN THE CREAG AND THE SKY short film, 20min., Environment/Drama

    Attempting to find a re-connection, a father takes his estranged teen daughter on a trip into the wilderness.

    Screenplay and Direction by
    Kurt Gerard

    Adapted from
    Jessica Morgan's
    The Space Between the Sand and the Sea

    Produced by
    Kirchner Films
    with support from Missouri State University Coll...

  • UN CHALET AU PLED DES FIZ short film, 36min,. France, Environmental/Documentary

    An elderly woman returns to her chalet at the foot of the Chaîne des Fiz and finds the draft of a letter she had written years earlier.

    Directed by Godefroy de MAUPEOU

  • ENTOMOS PHAGOS short film, 2min., Drama/Environment

    "Between his ecologist mother and his very careerist and non-chalaching father, Nathan does not hesitate to face their contradictions in a surprising way."


  • PLASTICPOEMS short film, 2min., Canada, Animation/Experimental

    Two concrete poems come to life via animated text and sound in this short unnarrated video based on Fiona Tinwei Lam's visual poems about marine plastic pollution.


    Directed by Fiona Tinwei Lam

    Animation: Nhat Truong

    Sound Design: Tinjun Niu

    Director Statement
    Each po...

  • IT'S GOOD BUSINESS short film, 12min., Documentary/Environment

    “It's Good Business: Moving Beyond Conservation” is a short documentary that explores the antiquated idea that capitalism must be at odds with the health of the environment in order to profit. While we all want to protect our planet, current models of environmental conservation are failing. It’s ...

  • MILD short film, 4min., Australia, Documentary/Drama

    Campbell Sims expresses on what it's like to grow up having a learning difficulty in and out of school, whilst talking about how different things such as art has helped him get through life.

    Directed by Daniel Woods

    Cinematography: Thomas Snowden

    Editor: Matt Temby

  • MOMENTS IN PARADISE short film, 1min., Switzerland, Animation

    Plants are growing in paradise; one of them nicer, more beautiful and taller than all the other and provoke a disciplinary action. Against all odds has consequences even in paradise.

    Directed by bellopropello

  • FINALLY, I FOUND YOU short film, 4min., Animation/Environmental

    A tiny roly-poly called Bobo didn't go back home last night. His morning stroll is full of surprises and makes him have nightmares. Finally, he is with his good friend, Tomo, the worm.

    Directed by Young Son