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  • AHORA SOMOS NOSOTRES short film watch, 10min., Dance

    “Ahora Somos Nosotres” was filmed in Castro, Chiloé, Chile amidst the natural and historic landmarks of the island. Three dancers awaken themselves to new surroundings as they venture into unknown territory. Accompanied by the music of Pájaros Kiltros, the dancers take a surprising journey in an ...

  • SOMA short film watch, 10min., Dance/Experimental

    SOMA is an experimental film that uses movement and dance as its primary medium for story-telling. A contemporary myth on the genesis of the human body, the piece unfolds in two parallel dimensions: an infinite black hole where ...

  • DANCE OF THE DAKINIS short film watch, 28min., USA, Documentary

    The film focuses on the empowerment of female monastics and the innovation of gender roles in Vajrayana Buddhism. The film has two frameworks: an outer framework that focuses on rising status of Tibetan nuns in previously male dominated religious structures, and an inner framework that focuses on...

  • EAT YOUR YOUNG short film watch, 4min. USA, Dance/Music

    Directed by LaKesha Sowell

  • YOU CAN’T DO A THING short film watch, 4min., Singapore, Experimental/Dance

    We scrutinise and curate how we move through the world for fear of the undesirable and unpredictable in ourselves surfacing. But when we repeatedly recognize this fear as part of ourselves do we shed the instinct to overpower it. Only then do we begin freeing fear instead of fighting it.


  • ELEMENTS: BEAUTIFUL UNTRUE THINGS short film watch, Sweden, Dance / Experimental

    Elements is a solo choreography that is the intersection of nature, fashion, Venusian imagery, and movement. Elements is an exploration of dance/movement and the elements of nature, earth, sun, water and air. The natural influences and sounds of these...

  • SAINT short film watch, 10min., Dance/Experimental

    Saint seeks to present a process of evolution that is about spiritual change, technology, and identity of a human being. Through the transformation in 3 layers of clothings, which represent the past, present, and future in time, the identity of the dancer was exposed through the generating and re...

  • RAILWAY MAP, 30min., Finland, Dance/Experimental

    "The Mayan Train" is a project to be built in the Yucatán Península, México. The construction has been fast-tracked to start in 2020 ignoring social and environmental concerns.

    Shot among remnants of an old railroad line and exploring different concepts, this experimental film interprets the spa...

  • C.T.R.L. short film, UK, Dance/Romance

    A young man's attempt at a first contact with a love interest is hijacked in a most entertaining way.

    Directed by Mariana Conde

    Director Statement
    C.T.R.L is undoubtedly unconventional. Whilst it paints the p...

  • Élixir short film, 10min., Canada, Dance/Experimental

    After the recent break up of a longterm relationship, Maeve must move through nostalgia and pain to find herself again.

    Directed by Jean-Marc Abela

    Performer/Artistic Director: Elie-Anne Ross

  • ANIMAL short film, 7min., France, Dance/Experimental

    This short film is an adaption of the performance Animale (choreography by Lisie Philip, music by Laurent Tamagno). It was produced for an event in the MAMAC (the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art of Nice) called “la Nuit des Musées” in 2017. I perceived the show as a celebration of the vital...

  • AGAPE, 5min., Canada, Dance

    AGAPE is a short dance film loosely inspired by the film "If Beale Street Could Talk". It takes us on a journey of Black love in everyday moments through movement. It is a letter to the potential hope of life and love.

    Directed by Zoe Edwards

    Listen to podcast interview with filmmaker: https://...

  • SILENT RHYTHM, 36min., USA, Documentary / Dance

    This short documentary explores the relationship dancers have with music, especially when none of the dancers can hear the music. The Gallaudet Dance Company is home to a small dance studio that pushes the meaning of dance beyond the scope of sound. This year marked a specific turning point for t...

  • TEETER short film, 7min., Canada, Experimental Dance

    Teeter portrays a codependent relationship between two people; one of whom plays the role of supporter and caretaker whilst the other moves freely, unencumbered by their own instability. The help given is often taken without the knowledge of the person receiving it; as if an invisible safety net ...

  • INTROSPECTION, 7min., USA, Dance

    Sometimes the most beautiful moments lie within the process. INTROSPECTION is a short dance film independently produced, choreographed, directed and performed by Katharine Larson. Choreography for this project was inspired by exploring the failures and successes of relationships. People will come...

  • Naïade short film, 11min., Canada, Dance/Black & White

    Naïade is a reflection on the ways image and self-perception have changed in a post #MeToo era. What do we keep and what do we shed? Using the water as a feedback loop and the haunting music of Beatrice Deer and Jace Lasek, Naïade dives into the depths of consciousness. (Please watch the film wi...

  • EPHÉMEROS short film, 13min., Lithuania, Dance

    EPHÉMEROS - (transitory in Ancient Greek) is a dance film that subtly combines three elements - human, plant and sculpture - to create a unique world of fantasies. The temporality of being experienced in this world is inevitable - everything is temporary in relation to eternity.

    Director, Choreo...

  • THE MAZE short film, 3min., USA, Dance

    We are caged in our own thoughts, running through loopholes only to find ourselves exactly where we started. The Covid 19 Pandemic had caused most of us artists in a complete shot down but we also had the opportunity long gone, to reflect on what we are doing and what is on the horizon. We lived ...

  • GHOST LAKE short film, 5min., Singapore, Dance

    A woman in mourning confronts the loss of her lover. In a space where grief exists, time is relative

    Directed by Shanice Stanislaus, Jon Tan

    Cast: Daphne Huang, Antonio Vargas

    Director Statement
    This was an international collaboration, with Taiwanese and Singaporean musicians coming together...

  • ONE SHILLING short film, 6min., UK, Dance/Experimental

    One Shilling. A contemporary dance film where four strangers from different backgrounds escape everyday life for one night, drinking and dancing in one of London’s underground bars during the Blitz.

    Directed by Monica Nicolaides

    Produced by Judy Ibelhauptaite

    Composer: Ben Lloyd-Evans


  • MOON SHADOWS, 3min., USA, Music/Dance

    An image of a child looking towards the evening moon visited my thoughts one day or maybe it was a dream, from there an imaginary dialogue or dance emerged between the moon and the child. But who is guiding who in this planetary dance, is it the moon or the child?

    I often wondered how a distant ...

  • INFERNO, 16min,. Germany, Dance/Experimental

    Inferno“ by Nostos Tanztheater is a dance theater about exclusion, trauma, refugee issues and displacement.

    Where is Hell?
    We are talking about prisoners who live in cells without hope. Families who had to flee persecution and are stranded in a boat between borders.
    We are talking about people w...

  • BETWEEN THE BALANCE, 4min., USA, Dance/Experimental

    choreography by Nicole Kadar & Dancers - while editing a full length dance concert I added a filter to give the dance a particular look & feel. but what happened next was something I rarely do. I used a mirror effect and it divided & repeated half the frame. which gave the piece a more abstract &...

  • BYOUL PART 2: DA short film, 8min., South Korea, Dance

    Byoul Part 2: Da

    "Da reinterprets DaEun Jung and Melody Shim’s long-time collaboration Byoul through the intimate lens of filmmaker Taso Papadakis. Da blurs the boundaries between the classical form and pedestrian moves as well as discipline and spontaneity, branched out from the original proje...