A collection of the best new short comedy shorts from around the world today.

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  • THE FLOOD short film watch, 1min., France, Environmental/Comedy

    A political debate, broadcast live on a 24-hour news channel. As the speakers are arguing about social issues, water invades the set and floods the whole room. Nobody seems to notice ...

    Directed by David Te...

  • ARMED WITH A DILDO short film watch, 5min., Comedy

    When Dani’s boyfriend Leslie breaks up with her, a mass shooter starts attacking the motel they were going to have a romantic night at and suddenly the break up becomes the least of her problems.

    Directed by Karuna Tanahashi

    Written by Winnie Lee, Alvaro Sebastian Gonzalez, Thea Touchton


  • THE STAMP short film watch, 10min., Comedy

    A satire on how to complete a task within government bureaucracy.

    Directed by Sharon Mayo

    CAST: Joe Hoenig, Gorby Mufan Shih, Katherine Burns, Nana Fobi Duffuor

  • CAM GIRL: Season 1 Episode 2 TV show, 14min., Drama/Comedy

    Laura is a self-proclaimed "generic white girl" whose financial struggles force her to start a side hustle, leading her to discover the seductive and complex world of webcam modeling. Everyone has an OnlyFans - how hard can it be?

    Directed by Ian Gregory Trutt

    Cast: Samantha Lorin Charboneau, R...

  • WEEKEN AT JESUS' short film watch, 27min., Comedy

    Jesus's disciples cart around his dead body to get people to believe he rose from the dead so they can start a new religion.

    Directed by Barry Finnegan

    Cast: Joanna Cassidy, DaJuan Johnson

  • A LOVE OF MY OWN short film watch, 27min.,

    A jilted woman seeks revenge, but only in her imagination which stops after she finds her true love.

    Directed by William LiPera

    Cast: Sarah Elizabeth Hewitt

  • EARLY RETIREMENT short film watch, 12min. Comedy/Drama

    A 30-something year old man, on the heels of a breakup with his boyfriend, moves in with his parents who live in a 55+ adult community. Through confronting his own insecurities and examining family relationships and dynamics, he's able to move forward.

  • BAGS short film watch, 29min., Comedy

    Jamie Gascoigne's daily routine is disrupted one morning by his roommate Korey in their living room, still up from the night before with his musician friend Brody. Despite his displeasure with this development, his passive aggressive nature prevents him from confronting the issue in any meaningfu...

  • PUMP IT short film watch, 8min. Comedy

    A humorous and heartfelt journey of a gym-obsessed bodybuilder (Jesse) struggling to recover from a broken heart. In an attempt to lift his spirits, his best mate (Blake) hatches an unconventional plan – a threesome, prompting Jesse to question the motives of his training partner. The film explor...

  • FLASH DRIVE short film watch, 12min., Russia, Comedy/Crime

    Three gangsters come to a man to take a flash drive with a lot of crypto. Pretty deep criminal comedy.

    Directed by Anton Mischenko

    Written by Anton Mischenko, Alexandr Potehin, Andrey Serov

    Cast: Eugeniy Bandurin, Roman Lide, Oleg Soloduhin, Alexey Bardash

  • LADY & THE VAMP short film watch, 5min., Comedy/Horror

    Two "creatures of the night" discover one of their own. Or have they?

    Writer/Director: Peter Alexander Stass

    Cast: Matthew Tarricone, Nikki Findel

    Director Statement
    I am a big fan of horror and comedy. They have some things in common, and when you bring the two together, it can be a beautiful...

  • TAKEAWAY short film watch, 2min., UK, Comedy

    A couple can't decide what takeaway they want for dinner.

    Director/Writer: Joe McGowan

    Cast: Julian Lloyd Patten, Chloe Zeitounian

  • COUPLES NOISES, 2min., UK, Comedy

    Have you and your partner ever made cutsie kissy noises at each other? That's this film...

    Director/Writer: Joe McGowan

    Cast: Julian Lloyd Patten, Chloe Zeitounian

  • PISS UP, 1min., UK, Comedy

    When nature appals

    Two men meet in an alley after a few too many.

    Director/Writer: Joe McGowan

    Cast: Kevin Nolan, Josh Swarbrick

  • A HOLIDAY CASSEROLE YOUR MAN WILL LOVE short film watch, Horror/RomCom

    A novice stay-at-home vlogger is in the middle of making a video when her husband returns home from work. Their exchange turns violent and the camera as the camera keeps rolling...

    Director by Nina Kramer

    Cast: Katie Peabody, Gianmarco Duin, Nina Kramer, ...

  • AUBREY GRUMP short film watch, 1min., Animation

    "Some people are only happy when they're not."

    Creator: Mike Dietz

    Music by Robert Dietz

    Director Statement
    We all know someone like Aubrey... maybe we even see a little bit of Aubrey i...

  • THE NOTORIOUS NETWORK short film watch, 8min., Animation

    After receiving an unexpected package, a group of sub-par villains is tasked with watching what the mysterious box contained, a baby.

    Created by Sam Aria

    Cast: Reed Noel, Peter Wilson, Dom Boon

  • THE LAST CHRISTMAS short film, 12min,. Horror/Comedy

    A mischievous 8-year-old girl unleashes a twisted Christmas nightmare, when her plans to capture Santa Claus go horribly wrong.

    Director Statement
    Growing up in England during the 8...

  • PULLING THE GOALIE, 23min., Comedy/Drama/Sports

    INFERTILITY ON ICE: A beer league hockey player struggles with infertility.

    "Avsharian has cleverly framed his film about male infertility from a conventionally male perspective using hockey as a metaphor to provide both context and levity. Sport provides an immediate connection to an uncomfort...

  • THE GIRLS OF BATHROOM B short film, 5min., Canada, Comedy/Drama

    Tensions ebb and flow during a busy morning in 1980 as impatient teenagers wait to use the girls' bathroom.

    Directed by Sal Eigh

    Director Statement
    Products of economic uncertainty or pol...

  • THE COAT ROOM, 10min., TV Web Series / Comedy / Drama

    The Coat Room is a comedic web series about a troubled woman in lingerie who traps herself in the coat room of a party, hoping to entice her one true love. Instead, she keeps running into guests (1 guest per episode) who just want to get their coats.

    The series stars Second City writer-performer...

  • TUXEDO TERRACE short film, 12min., LGBTQ+ / Comedy / Romance

    When the government begins to inspect their marriage, a gay immigrant and his lesbian wife throw a dinner party in an attempt to fool the INS; but soon realize that they aren't the only ones hiding something.

    Directed by Carmine Bicchetti

    Cast: Paul Fox...

  • CROW'S PEAK, 5min., USA, Animation/Comedy/Horror

    Drake and Frank learn a valuable life lesson after being invited to a party.

    Director Statement
    Why did the chicken cross the road? Because it was fleeing the KFC. Why did the coyote cross the ro...

  • NO FATS. NO FEMMES. NO ASIANS., 23min., Comedy/LGBTQ+

    When Eli and his longtime boyfriend break up, Eli starts to realize the parts of himself he was hiding to appeal to his relationship. Namely, his femininity.

    Directed by Adam Razavi

    Cast: Theo Tiedemann, Kelvin Batiste, Holly Halay, Matthew Hawthorne, Ad...