A collection of the best new short comedy shorts from around the world today.

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  • THE LAST CHRISTMAS short film, 12min,. Horror/Comedy

    A mischievous 8-year-old girl unleashes a twisted Christmas nightmare, when her plans to capture Santa Claus go horribly wrong.

    Director Statement
    Growing up in England during the 8...

  • PULLING THE GOALIE, 23min., Comedy/Drama/Sports

    INFERTILITY ON ICE: A beer league hockey player struggles with infertility.

    "Avsharian has cleverly framed his film about male infertility from a conventionally male perspective using hockey as a metaphor to provide both context and levity. Sport provides an immediate connection to an uncomfort...

  • THE GIRLS OF BATHROOM B short film, 5min., Canada, Comedy/Drama

    Tensions ebb and flow during a busy morning in 1980 as impatient teenagers wait to use the girls' bathroom.

    Directed by Sal Eigh

    Director Statement
    Products of economic uncertainty or pol...

  • THE COAT ROOM, 10min., TV Web Series / Comedy / Drama

    The Coat Room is a comedic web series about a troubled woman in lingerie who traps herself in the coat room of a party, hoping to entice her one true love. Instead, she keeps running into guests (1 guest per episode) who just want to get their coats.

    The series stars Second City writer-performer...

  • TUXEDO TERRACE short film, 12min., LGBTQ+ / Comedy / Romance

    When the government begins to inspect their marriage, a gay immigrant and his lesbian wife throw a dinner party in an attempt to fool the INS; but soon realize that they aren't the only ones hiding something.

    Directed by Carmine Bicchetti

    Cast: Paul Fox...

  • CROW'S PEAK, 5min., USA, Animation/Comedy/Horror

    Drake and Frank learn a valuable life lesson after being invited to a party.

    Director Statement
    Why did the chicken cross the road? Because it was fleeing the KFC. Why did the coyote cross the ro...

  • NO FATS. NO FEMMES. NO ASIANS., 23min., Comedy/LGBTQ+

    When Eli and his longtime boyfriend break up, Eli starts to realize the parts of himself he was hiding to appeal to his relationship. Namely, his femininity.

    Directed by Adam Razavi

    Cast: Theo Tiedemann, Kelvin Batiste, Holly Halay, Matthew Hawthorne, Ad...

  • WE ALL DIE ALONE, 13min., USA, Comedy/Thriller

    The hubris of an inept conflict negotiator leads two warring gangs into an 8-way standoff. The consequences are both comical and tragic in this whip-smart short.

    Director Statement
    I have ...

  • Yours Faithfully Edna Welthorpe (Mrs) short film, 5min., UK, Comedy/LGBTQ+

    Multi award winning and BAFTA nominated director Chris Shepherd (Dad's Dead, The Ringer) directs a short animation in tribute to Joe Orton (Entertaining Mr Sloane, Loot) to mark the 50th anniversary of his death. Voiced by Alison Steadman (Gavin and Stacey, Abigail's Party) and Robin Sebastian (H...

  • PULP FRICTION short film, 14min., Comedy/Parody/Fan Fiction

    The lives of two roommates and a mysterious man intertwine in a tale of conflict and clashing within close quarters.

    Directed by Tony Olmos, Mark A...

  • CHARITY CASE short film, 3min. UK, Comedy

    A young man's attempt to show a beautiful girl his charitable nature backfires...

    Directed by Sam Tibi, Brook Driver

    Cast: Nafees Hamid. Harriet Barrow. Aquiles Pantaleao. Louis Papaloizou

  • THE ASSASSINATION OF A MAN short film, 3min., Action/Comedy

    A hitman gets a call from his irate wife while on the job

    Writer/Director: Daniel Riser

    Cast: Todd Stroik, Lexy McAvinchey, Fred Grant

  • WHOSE IS THE LAND?, 14min., Italy, Environment/Comedy

    In the Upper World water flows unused from house taps. In the Under World sources are dry and arid. Green culture upstairs and survival culture downstairs. The two worlds and the families which live in those worlds seem to be separated and uncapable of communicating, but they are not. Pipes conne...

  • LOS ABCs: ¡Que vivan los muertos!, 5min., USA, Animation/Comedy

    Do you remember your ABCs? We think you do. Sing along with this group of animated Mariachi social documentarians who will guide you through imperial history that will make you laugh, cry, and wonder why. Crew Written and Directed by John Jota Leaños Art Direction Sean Levon Nash Animation and Te...

  • BOY, MUSIC, and CHAOS Web Series - Episode 10

    Episode 10: Smokey Tom visits the band to take care of some unfinished business.

  • BOYS, MUSIC, and CHAOS Web Series - Episode 1

    Episode 1: The band tries playing a little extra loud this practice.

    Directed by Desi Feldman

  • FRONTERA!, 12min., USA, Animation/Fantasy

    The Pueblo Revolt had to happen. Life was out of balance. Drought, hunger, colonial violence and religious persecution brought indigenous societies of New Mexico to the brink of collapse. The Pueblo people orchestrated the unthinkable: a pan-Indian uprising successfully expelling the Spanish occu...

  • DNN: DEAD NEWS NETWORK, 20min., USA, Animation/Sci-Fi

    DNN: Dead News Network
    Unfair and unbalanced! Dead News Network keeps you informed of bone-breaking news from the other side. Peter Deadings, Burt Donasque Dontatella and Sister Wendy bring you 24/7 news reports from the frontlines on the War on Errorism, the Million Muerto March and the Heist of...

  • BOYS, MUSIC, and CHAOS Web Series - Episode 2

    Episode 2: Rent is due!

  • LATE NIGHT SWIM short film, 21min., USA, Romance/Drama/Comedy

    "Late Night Swim" is an introspective psychedelic narrative about a man drifting through his days, until his vibrant ex-girlfriend appears in a dream, only to wake him up to life.

  • BOYS, MUSIC, and CHAOS Web Series - Episode 3

    Episode 3: Andy gets ready for an interview.

  • EAT JEREMY short film, 10min., Comedy/Black & White

    A couple in an early post apocalyptic world discuss whether to eat their dead best friend Jeremy or not.

    Writer/Director: Sam South

    Cast: Sam South, Dominique Provost-Chalkley, Ryan Early

  • BOYS, MUSIC, and CHAOS Web Series - Episode 4

    Episode 4: The band takes care of some phone calls to help pay rent.

  • 2020, 1min., Canada, Animation/Comedy

    A short animated film about what it was like to live through the unrelenting world-wide disaster that was the year 2020.

    Directed by JC Little

    Music: Apache Tomcat