The "best scene" take from features and TV pilots of winning screenplays.

  • LGBT Festival 1st Scene Reading: I'm A Bad Person, by Chance Fuerstinger, Brandon Freeman

    After an engagement announcement, the best man of the groom-to-be tries to express his love for him, but he cannot bring himself to do it. In an attempt to forget about it, he and the other groomsman drink themselves into oblivion, and the rest of the night goes awry.


    Narrator: Val ...

  • FAN FICTION Best Scene Reading: ROBIN (Batman Series), by Kaley Chandler

    When Dick Grayson is taken in by billionaire Bruce Wayne, he begins to uncover a secret side to Gotham - and to his new guardian.


    Narration: Elizabeth Rose Morriss
    Ringmaster: Geoff Mays
    Dick: Sean Ballantyne
    Alfred: Bill Poulin

  • FAN FICTION Best Scene Reading: BARRY: Spark Joy, Jessica Montanez Prince

    No-Ho Hank manipulates Barry into another job, Barry accidentally lands a big acting role, Sally has trouble on her new job and Fuchs has a close call with the Chechens.


    Narration: Elizabeth Rose Morriss
    Fuches/Noho Hank: Bill Poulin
    Barry: Geoff May

  • FAN FICTION TV Best Scene Reading: WOOSUNG 2020, by Janet Oh

    This script is a greatly structured story about the challenges of someone who isn’t familiar with her culture and is trying to integrate herself into it. Dealing with that while also being appointed CEO makes for a story with high stakes. Mixing the chaebol culture with an Americanized protagonis...

  • BEST Scene Script Reading: BLACK MO, by Peter Noel

    In the early 1800s a young girl and her family from Africa are abduct, taken to the United States and tortured as they try to salvage their humanity. Escaping from her captors, the young girl evolves from battered slave to successful businesswoman. (Based on a true events.)



  • BEST SCENE TV Pilot Screenplay: Jewels Of Light, by Tessie Herrasti

    In the world of Upprunkna, a guilt-ridden elven warrior is tasked with the care of a powerful and untrusting royal. Together, they begin a journey that will unite the most adventurous beings of the different realms and force them to work together in order to restore the vital energies of a darken...

  • COMEDY Festival BEST Scene Reading: That's Our Show, by Judd Cherry, Aaron Krebs

    A hopeful group of comedy upstarts travel the country performing and grinding out a name for themselves, all while surfing the bonds of friendship and facing the trials and tribulations of that touring road life.


    Narration: Hannah Ehman
    Otis: Sean Ballantyne
    Margot: Kyana Teresa ...

  • CRIME Festival BEST Scene Reading: SERIAL, by Robert Benjamin

    The peaceful life of a kind, old retiree is thrust into anguish and peril when it is disrupted by a present day serial killer. Following the connections, this otherwise trusting father can only suspect that the brutal killings have been at the hands of his own flesh and blood. His eldest son.


  • FEMALE Festival BEST Scene: WINDS OF TRANSITION, by Sil Brook

    Suffragettes cross ideological and class lines in their pursuit of both liberation and love.


    Narration: Steve Rizzo
    Emily: Hannah Ehman
    Thomas: Bill Poulin

  • ACTION Festival BEST Scene Reading: Sergeant Freeman, by Gloria J Browne-Marshall

    African-American Army Sergeant Stella Freeman's college-bound daughter Keisha goes missing on the day Freeman becomes the first woman to train the Army’s new Urban Terrorism platoon. A single mom and widow, Freeman is fighting to find her daughter while the Army pressures her to represent women i...

  • POLITICAL Festival BEST SCENE Reading: Tags, by Stephen Glickman

    A young woman abandons her dying mother to free laboratory animals; capturing the world’s attention and forever changing the vivisection industry (based on real events)...


    Narration: Steve Rizzo
    Sarah: Hannah Ehman
    Marcu: Bill Poulin

  • LGBTQ+ Festival BEST Scene Reading: NZR, by Leon Masters

    In a bleak futuristic world were zombies exist and are outliers in society, a man who is part of the elite civil service, hides a major secret about his identity that could result in a grim fate.


    Narration: Steve Rizzo
    Board Barista: Andy Camp
    Hector: Bill Poulin
    Steven: Sean Ball...

  • COMEDY Festival TV SPEC Screenplay: Ted Lasso "The Tryout", by Geoffrey Prather

    A best scene reading of an original screenplay from the hit TV series TED LASSO.


    Ted: Bill Poulin
    Brent: Sean Ballantyne

  • LGBTQ+ Festival BEST Scene Reading: Lafayette Square, by Katherine Martinez DeLeon

    In 1885, a lesbian First Lady moves into the White House to support her brother, a conservative president, and finds herself caught between two worlds, both of the ‘old’ and the ‘new’: the old society of white politicians and army heroes, and the new society of feminists, black aristocrats, and t...

  • COMEDY Festival BEST Scene Reading: The Epigones Club, by John McCloskey

    What is an epigone? The word epigone means: “undistinguished descendant of the great.” My characters are the adult sons and daughters of celebrities. They are frustrated, bitter, because they have failed to achieve success on their own. They resent the celebrity world that has left them behind.


  • TV BEST Scene Script Reading: Bound By Blood, by Dakota Banks

    Bound by Blood is an action-thriller TV Pilot with strong mythological elements in which a Colonial woman unjustly burned as a witch struggles to reclaim her soul from the Sumerian demon who saved her from the flames and used her as his Ageless assassin for over 300 years. Adapted from an award-w...

  • COMEDY Festival BEST Scene Reading: Miley Chase: The Science Ace, by Richard Lasser, Dennis Edwards, Larry Little

    Based on the musical - MILEY CHASE THE SCIENCE ACE. Miley Chase, a lonely, nerdy 10-year old science whiz, discovers the notes of her recently retired grandmother - a former mathematician and scientist - and builds a time machine. When Tyler -- her sports minded neighbor who thinks that science i...

  • LA Festival BEST Scene Reading: Arbakai, by Daniel W. Smith

    A female teacher for a rural Afghan school for girls demands protection from a Talban attack. A lone tribal guardian, an Arbakai, learns the value of female education.


    Narration: Steve Rizzo
    School Teacher: Kyana Teresa
    Bilqees: Hannah Ehman

  • BEST SCENE Female Festival Script Reading: Runaway Ruth, by May Walker

    It's the 1970s and Ruth, an imaginative fifteen year old, has had enough of her mother's abuse and decides to run away. She immediately finds trouble, but is rescued by an ultraterrestrial named Peter. After striking up a friendship, the two of them set off on the road to find the mysterious Engi...

  • LGBTQ+ Festival BEST Scene Reading: Her Defense, by Anthony E. Commodore

    An intelligently profound Transgender female, seeks to establish her dominance as one of the top defense attorneys in the Nation's Capital of Washington, DC, but must face the demons of her troubled past as a male, before setting her sights on a promising future.


    Narration: Steve Ri...

  • POLITICAL BEST Scene Reading: CALLE OCHO, by Robert W. McKnight, Jeremy Culver

    “A critical election in Florida intersects with the opportunity for real freedom in Cuba.”

    Logline: When the smart and beautiful daughter of a wealthy Cuban refugee (the most powerful conservative voice in Florida) becomes a U.S. Senator, she works cleverly and clandestinely to defy both her fat...

  • BEST SCENE Black & White Festival Script Reading: A WRAY OF LIGHT, by Preston Harrison Ahearn

    A young pilot at the dawn of aviation is set for takeoff but is grounded after the death of his father. He has to save his family's empire, but can he save his wings?


    Narrator: Val Cole
    Henry: Allan Michael Brunet
    Clyde: Andy Camp
    Dupont: Geoff Mays

  • BEST Scene Animation Festival Script Reading: Tyler Hudson's Christmas Eve Adventure, by Carol Hoffman

    When Santa's sleigh is hijacked with a non-believer boy and his younger brother aboard, it might take a Christmas miracle to get them all home and keep Santa out of jail.


    Narrator: Val Cole
    Tyler: Allan Michael Brunet
    Alvie: Andy Camp
    Alice: Hannah Ehman

  • BEST SCENE Black Festival Script Reading: The Passage Of Sun, by Aaron Braxton

    Three brothers challenge the Convict Leasing System of forcing African American men into prison in order to continue providing slave labor and county revenue in Alabama following the Civil War.


    Narrator: Val Cole
    Henry: Geoff Mays
    Tenzer: Allan Michael