The "best scene" take from features and TV pilots of winning screenplays.

  • LGBTQ+ Festival BEST Scene Reading: Lafayette Square, by Katherine Martinez DeLeon

    In 1885, a lesbian First Lady moves into the White House to support her brother, a conservative president, and finds herself caught between two worlds, both of the ‘old’ and the ‘new’: the old society of white politicians and army heroes, and the new society of feminists, black aristocrats, and t...

  • COMEDY Festival BEST Scene Reading: The Epigones Club, by John McCloskey

    What is an epigone? The word epigone means: “undistinguished descendant of the great.” My characters are the adult sons and daughters of celebrities. They are frustrated, bitter, because they have failed to achieve success on their own. They resent the celebrity world that has left them behind.


  • TV BEST Scene Script Reading: Bound By Blood, by Dakota Banks

    Bound by Blood is an action-thriller TV Pilot with strong mythological elements in which a Colonial woman unjustly burned as a witch struggles to reclaim her soul from the Sumerian demon who saved her from the flames and used her as his Ageless assassin for over 300 years. Adapted from an award-w...

  • COMEDY Festival BEST Scene Reading: Miley Chase: The Science Ace, by Richard Lasser, Dennis Edwards, Larry Little

    Based on the musical - MILEY CHASE THE SCIENCE ACE. Miley Chase, a lonely, nerdy 10-year old science whiz, discovers the notes of her recently retired grandmother - a former mathematician and scientist - and builds a time machine. When Tyler -- her sports minded neighbor who thinks that science i...

  • LA Festival BEST Scene Reading: Arbakai, by Daniel W. Smith

    A female teacher for a rural Afghan school for girls demands protection from a Talban attack. A lone tribal guardian, an Arbakai, learns the value of female education.


    Narration: Steve Rizzo
    School Teacher: Kyana Teresa
    Bilqees: Hannah Ehman

  • BEST SCENE Female Festival Script Reading: Runaway Ruth, by May Walker

    It's the 1970s and Ruth, an imaginative fifteen year old, has had enough of her mother's abuse and decides to run away. She immediately finds trouble, but is rescued by an ultraterrestrial named Peter. After striking up a friendship, the two of them set off on the road to find the mysterious Engi...

  • LGBTQ+ Festival BEST Scene Reading: Her Defense, by Anthony E. Commodore

    An intelligently profound Transgender female, seeks to establish her dominance as one of the top defense attorneys in the Nation's Capital of Washington, DC, but must face the demons of her troubled past as a male, before setting her sights on a promising future.


    Narration: Steve Ri...

  • POLITICAL BEST Scene Reading: CALLE OCHO, by Robert W. McKnight, Jeremy Culver

    “A critical election in Florida intersects with the opportunity for real freedom in Cuba.”

    Logline: When the smart and beautiful daughter of a wealthy Cuban refugee (the most powerful conservative voice in Florida) becomes a U.S. Senator, she works cleverly and clandestinely to defy both her fat...

  • BEST SCENE Black & White Festival Script Reading: A WRAY OF LIGHT, by Preston Harrison Ahearn

    A young pilot at the dawn of aviation is set for takeoff but is grounded after the death of his father. He has to save his family's empire, but can he save his wings?


    Narrator: Val Cole
    Henry: Allan Michael Brunet
    Clyde: Andy Camp
    Dupont: Geoff Mays

  • BEST Scene Animation Festival Script Reading: Tyler Hudson's Christmas Eve Adventure, by Carol Hoffman

    When Santa's sleigh is hijacked with a non-believer boy and his younger brother aboard, it might take a Christmas miracle to get them all home and keep Santa out of jail.


    Narrator: Val Cole
    Tyler: Allan Michael Brunet
    Alvie: Andy Camp
    Alice: Hannah Ehman

  • BEST SCENE Black Festival Script Reading: The Passage Of Sun, by Aaron Braxton

    Three brothers challenge the Convict Leasing System of forcing African American men into prison in order to continue providing slave labor and county revenue in Alabama following the Civil War.


    Narrator: Val Cole
    Henry: Geoff Mays
    Tenzer: Allan Michael

  • BEST SCENE Comedy Festival Script Reading: BREAKING NEWS, by Samuel Spitale

    Network meets Anchorman after an attack on the capitol spurs a Fox News-type outlet to become a legitimate news network.


    Narrator: Val Cole
    David: Geoff Mays
    Student: Hannah Ehman
    Student: Kyana Teresa

  • BEST SCENE Female Festival Script Reading: The Takeover, by Ivana Strajin

    A newly appointed CEO of an occupational health company gets catfished... by her job. What she hopes will be her legacy gets bungled by fraud, coverups, and the death of an offshore oil rig worker.


    Narrator: Val Cole
    Larry: Allan Michael Brunet
    Isabel: Kyana Teresa

  • LGBTQ+ Festival TV BEST Scene Reading: Perdition, by Leon Masters


    Narrator: Val Cole
    Lily: Kyana Teresa
    Roxane: Julie Sheppard

  • SPORTS Festival BEST Scene: SLEDGEHAMMER, by Vinny Smith

    A former tennis champion, now a rough and rowdy Las Vegas cocktail waitress, enters the US Open in an effort to win her way out of trouble with the FBI, navigating the world of biker gangs and Russian mobsters along the way.


    Narrator: Sean Ballantyne
    Agent: Geoff Mays
    Charlie: ...

  • COMEDY Festival BEST Scene Reading: Bad Romance, by Chad Wellinger

    A paperback romance fanatic who strives to pen a novel of her own but has no real-life experience to draw upon recruits a playboy Casanova for a crash course in hot and heavy.


    Narrator: Val Cole
    Heath: Geoff Mays
    Astrid: Hannah Ehman

  • LGBTQ+ Festival BEST Scene Reading: RESIDENCY, by Natalie Lomske

    Residency is a drama about ambitious, paraplegic, surgical resident Amelia Walters who transfers to a renowned hospital and must find a balance between the demands of her career, relationships, and disability.


    Narrator: Kyana Teresa
    Amelia: Hannah Ehman
    Alex: Geoff Mays

  • COMEDY Festival TV BEST Scene Reading: Poulet Realty, by Melanie McCullough

    Peaches Poulet, recently cheated on and widowed, is determined to reinvent her life in small town Alabama. She's going to lose 30 pounds, change the carpet in the den, and finally achieve her lifelong dream of becoming a realtor. But first, she has to ruin her treacherous ex-best friend's funeral...

  • COMEDY Festival TV Best Scene Reading: HUGS NOT DRUGS, by Edward Dorsey

    A bumbling father trips and falls into the middle of a drug deal. The cartel and police are after him, but he still has to pick his kids up from orchestra practice.


    Narrator: Val Cole
    Jerry: Geoff Mays
    Sheldon: Steve Rizzo

  • LGBTQ+ Festival TV BEST Scene Reading: MISS FORTUNE, by Breeze Vincinz

    A thieving ex-con attends twelve-step meetings to deal with her relationship with money, her fledging L.A. based dispensary staffed exclusively with African American women, her relationships with her ex-girlfriends, and a system that is trying to lock her back up.


    Narrator: Steve Ri...

  • BEST Scene Reading: Shady's Last Stand, by Stan Barton

    When a misplaced border wall throws his honky-tonk into no-man’s land, Shady establishes a new kingdom to offer folks a second chance, but powerful politicians have other ideas.


    Narrator: Elizabeth Rose Morriss
    Santos: Steve Rizzo
    Shady: Geoff Mays
    Landry: Sean Ballantyne



    Narrator: Val Cole
    Barnesdale: Allan Michael Brunet
    Yaeger: Hannah Ehman

  • TV Festival Best Scene Reading: This Next Year, by Mark Violi

    After surviving a school shooting and now suffering from PTSD, Kate takes a position as guidance counselor at a Pennsylvania high school. In crisis herself, Kate must navigate new rules and deal with a haunting past while employing unconventional methods to identify and help those students most a...

  • POLITICAL Festival BEST SCENE Reading: Confined Hatred, by Jeffrey Swerdan

    Sgt. Robin Sole wakes up to find herself trapped with six strangers in a deadly game of racism and torment. Can the seven strangers overcome their personal differences to come together and escape or will they take their personal prejudice to an early grave?


    Narration: Elizabeth Rose ...