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  • DOJO short film watch, 15min., Action/Crime

    Shane Lucas, an ex-Yakuza member and 4th degree black belt in Judo, is hunted down at his local dojo in Los Angeles 1985 by his long-time rival, Elias Da Rosa and his crew members from the same crime family. Shane is threatened to come back to the Yakuza or would suffer the consequence of not.


  • THE HUNTER'S EXCHANCE short film watch, 10min., Action/Experimental/Fantasy

    "A hunter seeking to kill a warrior is revealed to have committed the most taboo of all rituals to claim unspeakable power."

    This 8-minute action film throws an experimental twist on the fight scene genre while taking new directions with popular tropes from fantasy and science fiction films, tel...

  • SPIDER-MAN: MORALES short film watch, 17min., Action/Fan Fiction

    In the wake of a personal tragedy, young Miles Morales begins his journey of donning the mask as the titular hero Spider-Man.

    Directed by Sipho A Nxasana

    Writers: Sipho A Nxasana, Xaivier Valdez, Eric Elliott

    CAST: Sean Fruster-Gilliland, Trand...

  • WHITE NOISE short film watch, Australia, Sci-Fi/Fantasy

    Zoe Marlowe is the Pathfinder, tasked with finding humanity a new home after the loss of Earth to climate change. With her trusty A.I. she explores planet after planet, looking for the perfect combination of conditions that mark a habitable world. But her A.I. is more than she appears to be, and ...

  • STAR WARS: RENDEZVOUS short film watch, 20min., Star Wars Fan Fiction

    A pair of do-gooders attempt to protect a young, force-sensitive girl from bounty hunters on their way to rendezvous with a mysterious contact with the power to protect her much better than they can.

    Written & Directed by Brent L Peterson

  • ALMOST THERE short film, 5min., Japan, Action/Drama

    Two refugees from a broken land have to fight their way into civilization.

    Directed by Chuck Johnson

    Director Statement:

    As an immigrant to Japan myself, I created this film to be a visual representation of the struggle of immigrants and refugees told t...

  • BUST short film, 7min,. USA, Crime/Action

    An Ordinary day goes South, LA.

    Writer/Director: Burak Tatar

    I’d like to take on the conventional stories and tell them in unconventional ways. I’m more interested in asking, raising the questions, then giving answers.

    Cast: Bobb...

  • WE ALL DIE ALONE, 13min., USA, Comedy/Thriller

    The hubris of an inept conflict negotiator leads two warring gangs into an 8-way standoff. The consequences are both comical and tragic in this whip-smart short.

    Director Statement
    I have ...

  • PULP FRICTION short film, 14min., Comedy/Parody/Fan Fiction

    The lives of two roommates and a mysterious man intertwine in a tale of conflict and clashing within close quarters.

    Directed by Tony Olmos, Mark A...

  • THE GHOUL short film, 12min., Australia, Crime/Action/Thriller

    Two men, one crime.

    Director: Ryan Osmond

    Writers' Gareth Robinson, Chris Williams

    Stars: Jeremy Lindsay Taylor, Matt Boesenberg, Adam Tuominen

  • THE ASSASSINATION OF A MAN short film, 3min., Action/Comedy

    A hitman gets a call from his irate wife while on the job

    Writer/Director: Daniel Riser

    Cast: Todd Stroik, Lexy McAvinchey, Fred Grant

  • NOMAD, 12min., USA, Action/Sci-Fi

    A couple of scavengers find a mysterious orb that puts them one against the other in the austerity of the desert. Once Nomad learns about its origin she decides to take it back where they found it, but Gorr has different plans.

    Writer/Director: Max Pearce

    Writer/Producer: Maria-Sara Santoro


  • THE SHIFT short film, 7min,. Sweden, Animation/Sci-Fi

    Many years ago tech giants lost control of AI robotic technology.
    By kidnapping and monitoring newborns, the Ai robots are now trying to master the one thing they have yet to understand…


    The film starts with a kidnapped human baby boy. We see two of the AI droids implanting iris sur...

  • DCS: The Ghost short film, 5min., France, Action

    It's the end of February 1991. The Gulf War comes to its end. A flight of two F-16C are on a CAS mission when their Awacs asks them to reroute to the North. There, they will encounter a strange Iraqi MiG-29A...

    Directed by J.P. Ferré


  • THE BLACK LEAGUE OF SUPERHEROES, 25min., Action/Comic Book

    Miles Morales Spiderman discovers that an intentional injustice was covered up as an accident. To prevent this from happening again, he takes advantage of his gifts and "borrows" a powerful glove to summon his elders: Spawn, Blade, and Black Panther. The band of superheroes must then decide on ho...

  • ONE IN THE CHAMBER short film, 10min., Canada, Action

    Hanna unknowingly wakes up in an abandoned building swarmed with (mercenaries) She must survive her way out to escape. Failure is not an option, Failure is death!

    Writer/Director: Hubert Boorder

    Writer/Producer: Ilan Rosenberg

    Cast: ...