Winning screenplays. First scenes readings from features, and television specs.

  • FEMALE Festival 1st Scene: BY DARK, by Sabrina Barton

    When her older sister is brutally murdered, a Black teen girl and her white best friend must overcome police apathy, racial prejudice, and extreme peril to bring a serial killer to justice. Inspired by true events in late nineteenth-century Austin, Texas.


    Narration: Sean Ballanty...

  • LA Festival 1st Scene: BLOOD MONEY, by Dominic Flanagan (writer interview)

    Howard Swan, a doctor with a severe drinking problem, loses his medical license, his wife, his house, and is on the verge of losing his daughter as well. In a desperate act, he enlists the help of Caspar, his drug dealer brother, to make some easy money. After a deal goes wrong, Howard uses his m...

  • TV Festival 1st Scene Reading: The Murderbot Diaries, by Keith A. LaCabe

    On a distant alien planet, a security “construct” (half human, half robot) must decide between saving its clients from certain death or hiding out in safety watching its entertainment feed and an uncertain rescue.


    Narration: Hannah Ehman
    Murderbot: Geoff Mays
    Dr. Mensah: Kyana Teresa

  • DRAMA Festival 1st Scene: STILL PERFECT, by Michael Fitzer, Karin Partin Wells

    When a young single mother’s baby is murdered by a close friend, she and her family struggle with each other and regret about the past before they find peace through the sound of a beating heart.


    Narration: Geoff Mays
    Bethan: Kyana Teresa
    Siri/Mair: Hannah Ehman
    Owen: Andy Camp

  • THRILLER Festival 1st Scene Reading: AS SCARED AS YOU, by Jesse Dorian

    A twenty-something male “drifter” antihero, and a young blind woman become caged prisoners at a bed and breakfast in small-town northern California, where the drifter’s violent, malignant actions prior, push a group of malicious locals-- along with their two animalistic, basement-held zombified r...

  • SCI-FI Festival 1st Scene Reading: The Agreement, by Jared Stuart

    Young US Air Force wife and mother realizes that she is a part of an alien hybridization program through an abduction and hypnosis, and that her son along with her husband and his family may not be who she thinks they are.

    Cast List:

    Narration: Hannah Ehman
    Eve: Kyana Teresa
    Jeremy: Geoff May

  • SCI-FI Fest 1st Scene Reading: Department of Disinformation, by Justin McLachlan

    When a manipulative intelligence agent is abducted by aliens, he turns to his hapless brother — a once well-regarded journalist who now hosts a conspiracy-laden, low-rated cable TV show — to help him expose a coming alien invasion.


    Narration: Val Cole
    Charlie: Geoff Mays
    Jason: St...

  • ENVIRONMENTAL Festival 1st Scene Reading; WATCHLIST, by Alex Vickery-Howe

    Logline: A young man falls in love with an ecoterrorist only to discover their pasts are entwined.

    Synopsis: Basil Pepper is not ‘the man’, he’s not a doer, or a fighter…or even much of a thinker. World events pass him by, ideology makes him sleepy, and the Prime Minister’s name eludes him. Deli...

  • ENVIRONMENTAL Festival 1st Scene Reading; TIME TOURISTS, by Josh Miller

    A dysfunctional time-traveling family must evade the authorities and find a way to return to the future or they'll unintentionally trigger a "much bigger bang."


    Narration: Hannah Ehman
    Valtero: Sean Ballantyne
    Tomo: Geoff Mays
    Computer Voice/Courier: Kyana Teresa

  • LGBTQ+ Festival 1st Scene Reading: AZALEA, by Nate Raven (interview)

    A gay couple struggles with the challenges of adoption, while a single woman who runs her own business navigates the complexities of an accidental pregnancy.


    Narration: Geoff Mays
    Claudia: Kyana Teresa
    Shari: Hannah Ehman


    Get to know the sc...

  • Fantasy/Sci-Fi Festival 1st Scene Reading: The Egg, by Suzie Spring Bohannon

    Stricken with grief after the loss of her best friend, a middle aged British woman finds new purpose in reuniting a lost alien egg with its mothership.


    Narrator: Kyana Teresa
    Mavis: Elizabeth Rose Morris
    Effie: Julie Sheppard

  • Fantasy/Sci-Fi Festival 1st Scene: An Inconsequential Choice, by Ricardo Bravo

    An easily obsessed scientists will put his life and relationship at risk to advance his research of parallel universes. Will he make the right choice?



    Narrator: Kyana Teresa
    Andrew: Geoff Mays
    Soha: Elizabeth Rose Morris

    Get to know the writer:

    1. ...

  • HORROR Festival 1st Scene Reading: Obsession, by Jason Andrew White

    A bored librarian takes an unhealthy interest in her new neighbors and begins to blend the lines between fantasy and reality.


    Narrator: Kyana Teresa
    Crystal: Elizabeth Rose Morris
    Bethany: Julie Sheppard

  • Environmental Festival 1st Scene: HIGH WINDS, by Chris Crowley

    An aging rancher faces death with wry humor and a basic belief in humankind that is sorely tested by conflicts between the way of life he loves, conservation and climate change as he decides his legacy.


    Narrator: Elizabeth Rose Morris
    David: Geoff Mays
    Connie: Julie Sheppard

  • 1st Scene Script Reading: The Cherry Luna, by Julia M. Sauder

    Jan is going through a lot of changes this holiday season. She may or may not be a werewolf, and she is definitely discovering her sexuality, whether she likes it or not.


    Narrator: Val Cole
    Little Old Lady/Mrs. Zimmerman: Hannah Ehman
    Jan: Kyana Teresa
    Marshall/Lucas: Steve Rizzo -

  • 1st Scene Script Reading: Smoking Mirrors, by Jonah McKenzie Howell

    In 1880s Texas, Pinkerton agents John and Henry are tasked with apprehending members of an Aztec cult. But when they become stranded in the desert with the cult's leader, the three men embark on a spiritual journey that forces them to question who their allegiances really lie with.



  • ROMANCE Festival reading: Nora and George, by Katherine Saviana (interview)

    A woman attempts to balance her life as a struggling mother and wife with a burning need to tell her Oma's epic war-time love story, but the balancing act proves elusive and has life-altering consequences.


    Narrator: Val Cole
    Lucy: Hannah Ehman
    Hannah: Kyana Teresa
    Jack: Steve Riz...

  • LGBTQ+ Festival 1st Scene Reading: Lost in the Snow, by Larry Gene Fortin

    Spiraling down, Mona Lisa, aka Marvin, is drowning in a world of drugs and drag.


    Narrator: Hannah Ehman
    Elkie Hall: Steve Rizzo
    Mona Lisa : Kyana Teresa

  • LGBTQ+ Festival 1st Scene Reading: Hungry Hearts, by Ryan O’Leary

    In the early 90’s, two men, a disgruntled Cop and a self-loathing Crook, play the city’s criminal underground and corrupt police department against each other in the pursuit of justice, money and, most dangerously, their budding love.


    Narrator: Kyana Teresa
    Spud: Steve Rizzo

  • LA Festival 1st Scene Script: Suspend Your Disbelief, by Conor Hanney

    A group of neurodiverse teens learns empathy through improv from the worst person in school.


    Narrator: Val Cole
    Mia: Kyana Teresa
    Mr. Early: Steve Rizzo
    Girl #1/2: Hannah Ehman

  • TV Festival 1st Scene Reading: NEW OLYMPUS, by Matthew Nicholson

    "The reluctant modern-day descendant of Pandora vows to trap all of the Original Evils back inside her ancestor's cursed box once and for all. Can she claim her destiny as the new owner of Pandora's box before her hometown is overrun by evil?"


    Narrator: Val Cole
    Young Liz/Liz: Kyan...

  • POLITICAL Festival Script Reading: Show me your Teeth, by Scott Liapis

    An undocumented migrant worker on the run from a pack of bloodthirsty vampires, moves to a small meat-packing town in Nebraska in hopes of giving her son a better life. But the increasingly volatile relationship between Mexican workers and white locals might prove a breaking point for them both.

  • ACTION/ADVENTURE Festival Script Reading: Missing Clayton, by Bev Anne Irwin

    An introverted single mother risks her life to find her kidnapped five-year-old son when the police fail and she can no longer trust those closest to her.



    Narrator: Hannah Ehman
    Clayton: Allan Michael
    Jenny: Kyana Teres...

  • Script Read: The Legend of the Mermaid Tree, by Addie Dobson (writer interview)

    'The Legend of the Mermaid Tree’ is a romance period piece bridging the past to the present on St. Simons Island. Joshua, a goal driven analyst, finally gets the opportunity for a promotion, but has to return to the island after hearing of his grandfather's untimely death. As he packs his grandfa...