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  • FAREWELL trailer

    FAREWELL, 5min., China, Dance
    Directed by Ruo Wen Tian
    Countless ordinary life experiences are buried deep in the dust.
    In an old factory trapped in stilled time, I try to show how common folk constantly exist in an ever moving forward torrent of time, through the collision and contrast between t...

  • LET OFF trailer

    LET OFF, 15min., Brazil, Dance
    Directed by Igor Correa, Carlos Laerte
    In the discomfort and misunderstanding of one's individuality, it is necessary to perceive oneself as lost in order to be found. The directors Carlos Laerte and Igor CorrĂȘa question the existence, self-love and the process of l...


    ASTEROID RUSH: PLANETARY DEFENSE, 52min., France, Documentary/Sci-Fi
    Directed by Jacques BEDEL, Bertrand LOYER
    At first glance, it appears unlikely that we are under threat from extra-terrestrial objects. Yet, at any moment, the sky could fall on our heads. Our solar system contains millions of o...