Movie Trailers for Upcoming Festivals

Movie Trailers for Upcoming Festivals

Watch trailers anytime above the pay wall of upcoming film festival.

Movie Trailers for Upcoming Festivals
  • MOVIE TRAILER Festival - August 2022

    See the Full Lineup of Trailers:

    TICKING, 2min.
    Man is overwhelmed by Mother, Madness, and Mayhem.

    THE CULLING, 1min.,
    Amidst a global extinction event, two survivors seek to find help while contemplating what went wrong.

  • THE WOMAN IN WHITE, Audience Reactions

    THE WOMAN IN WHITE, 19min., Canada, Documentary
    Directed by Roshanak Jaberi
    "What an incredibly poignant film – it’s an amazing piece of work."
    —Samer Muscati, Human Rights Watch
    From October 15, 1979 to January 16, 1992, El Salvador endured a civil war. More than 8000 people were forcibly disapp...

  • RISING - LIL BERETE, Audience Reactions

    RISING - LIL BERETE, 13min,. Canada, Documentary
    Directed by Avery Harris Stedman
    Short documentary dives into the personal story of Yay Berete p/k/a Lil Berete, a young rapper from Regent Park, Toronto's most notorious and violent neighborhood. After one of his songs goes viral at the tender age...

  • A PEOPLEHOOD | AMIUT YEHUDIT Film, Audience Reactions

    A PEOPLEHOOD | AMIUT YEHUDIT, 23min,. Canada, Documentary
    Directed by Marnie Salsky
    A PEOPLEHOOD | AMIUT YEHUDIT examines Toronto’s contemporary Jewish community and, simultaneously, the emotional impact of today’s insidious antisemitism. The video is a non-linear narrative structured around them...

  • CROSS movie trailer

    CROSS, 16min., USA, Drama/Family
    Directed by Hyunjin Lee
    A Korean immigrant mom in the US goes through a journey against her religious faith to embrace her only son who is discovering his sexual orientation.

  • Mariam Trailer

    MARIAM, 12min., USA, Drama
    Directed by Reem Jubran
    Zaid, a young Arab-American amateur drag queen has to confront his conservative father and Alzheimer's grandfather about his identity.

  • The Last Gift trailer

    THE LAST GIFT, 5min., USA, Drama
    Directed by Alex Preston
    When Jamie brings a special gift to his ex-boyfriend’s college graduation, he learns that loving someone also means letting them go.


  • EAT A SWEDE trailer

    EAT A SWEDE, 19min., Sweden
    Directed by Daniel Hallberg
    Would you eat human for humanity? By 2050, the global population will be 10 billion. How can we produce food without wrecking the planet? The aim of the campaign was to highlight this question, and Sweden’s answer. In the film Eat a Swede, v...

  • ESCAPE short film trailer

    ESCAPE, 14min,. USA, Relationships
    Directed by Oren Brimer

    A couple tries to get out of an escape room before the timer runs out on their relationship.

  • 12 SHADES OF GREY trailer

    12 SHADES OF GREY, 22min., Australia, Documentary
    Directed by Anthony Gordon
    To have followed mainstream media for best on four decades, together with countless films and television programs relating to the Great White Shark, its no surprise that the overwhelming public and social sentiment is on...

  • THE LAST CHAMPION feature film trailer

    THE LAST CHAMPION, 120min., USA, Drama
    Directed by Glenn Withrow
    A former championship wrestler is forced to face his past when he returns to the hometown he left in disgrace twenty years earlier. Can he become the hero his town expectedů or will he remain a prisoner of his past mistakes?


  • The Last Champion Feature Film, audience reactions (with director interview)

    A former championship wrestler is forced to face his past when he returns to the hometown he left in disgrace twenty years earlier. Can he become the hero his town expected… or will he remain a prisoner of his past mistakes?

  • DISPLACED trailer

    DISPLACED, 3min., Australia
    Directed by Daniela Zambrano
    The concept of this visual composition is to convey the audience into a parallel reality or dream state.
    However, it is not about the romanticism of a dream, but rather a scenario of not wanting to wake up and return to a sad and painful r...

  • FAREWELL trailer

    FAREWELL, 5min., China, Dance
    Directed by Ruo Wen Tian
    Countless ordinary life experiences are buried deep in the dust.
    In an old factory trapped in stilled time, I try to show how common folk constantly exist in an ever moving forward torrent of time, through the collision and contrast between t...

  • LET OFF trailer

    LET OFF, 15min., Brazil, Dance
    Directed by Igor Correa, Carlos Laerte
    In the discomfort and misunderstanding of one's individuality, it is necessary to perceive oneself as lost in order to be found. The directors Carlos Laerte and Igor Corrêa question the existence, self-love and the process of l...


    ASTEROID RUSH: PLANETARY DEFENSE, 52min., France, Documentary/Sci-Fi
    Directed by Jacques BEDEL, Bertrand LOYER
    At first glance, it appears unlikely that we are under threat from extra-terrestrial objects. Yet, at any moment, the sky could fall on our heads. Our solar system contains millions of o...

  • HIS NAME IS RAY trailer


    HIS NAME IS RAY, 83min., USA
    Directed by Michael Del Monte
    In his anticipated follow-up to "Transformer", which took home the Audience Award for Best Documentary at Hot Docs 2018, acclaimed director Michael Del Monte gives a human face to o...


    LONG FLAT BALLS "BROKEN PROMISES", 103min., Norway Romance/Comedy
    Directed by Harald Johan Zwart
    To win back the love of his life, a charming car mechanic and a gang of soccer-mad friends embark on a madcap journey to the lawless East Bloc to correct a mistake of his past, risking life and prison...

  • Female Directors Festival Trailer - July 2022

    See the Full Lineup of Films:

    THE LAST PICTURE, 9min., USA, Thriller
    Directed by Ally May
    When two strangers come into her diner, a waitress suspects things are not as they appear and she learns to regret her inaction.

    HOPE, 2min,. UK, Animation/Comedy
    Directed by Hazel O'Brien
    'Hope' is a dark...

  • THRILLER Festival Trailers - July 2022

  • Short Film Trailer: LINE 25

    When a daydreamer falls in love with a book smart, things might get complicated - in her head, flying to the moon is more feasible than asking him out for ice cream, but on this bus ride, she will find the courage to speak up before the end of the line.

    Director Biography - Michael Sternberg


  • Feature Film Trailer: THE SUN RISES IN THE EAST

    Directed by Tayo Giwa

    Writer/Produced by Cynthia Gordy Giwa

    The Sun Rises in The East chronicles the birth, rise and legacy of The East, a pan-African cultural organization founded in 1969 by teens and young adults in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn. Led by educator and activist Jitu Weusi, The Ea...

  • THE TRYOUT Short Film, Audience Reactions

    The story of a young man who tries out for a big league baseball team, whether you like it or not.

    Director Michael Jonathan Gellis

  • DEATH AND MAGIC CASTLES Short Film, Audience Reactions

    On a beautiful, sunny day five year old Zizou fell to the ground and died when his heart suddenly stopped. In that moment of losing my son I was thrown into the cold reality of America’s complicated relationship with death. Through animation, "Death and Magic Castles" explores traditions of mourn...