2017 FESTIVAL DATES - 20 Dates

We are proud to announce our 20 Toronto Film Festival dates for 2017. We will showcase 100s of the best short films from around the world. Each festival will be a special best of night. Examples are best of Comedy, Documentary, Family, Animation, Drama, LGBT, Female Directors, Horror/Thriller, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Under 5min. shorts etc...

BUY your festival pass today for only $40. That's only $2 per festival and it guarantees you a seat in the cinema. You do not have to RSVP in advance and if the festival is sold out (which happens most of the time), you are still guaranteed a seat as we will hold it for you until the start of the festival.

Buy your festival pass here. You will be directed to page to receive your pass after you have made your payment:

Here are the festival dates for 2017:

1 - Thursday January 26th - Watch Audience FEEDBACK Videos

2 - Monday February 13th - Watch Audience FEEDBACK Videos

3 - Thursday February 23rd - Watch Audience FEEDBACK Videos

4 - Thursday March 23rd - Watch Audience FEEDBACK Videos

5 - Thursday March 30th - Watch Audience FEEDBACK Videos

6 - Thursday April 20th - Watch Audience FEEDBACK Videos

7 - Thursday April 27th - Watch Audience FEEDBACK Videos

8 - Thursday May 18th - Watch Audience FEEDBACK Videos

9 - Thursday May 25th - Watch Audience FEEDBACK Videos

10 - Thursday June 22nd - Best of LGBT Shorts - See Full Lineup

11 - Thursday June 29th - Best of Under 5 Minute Shorts - See Full Lineup

12 - Thursday July 20th - Best of Experimental Shorts - See Full Lineup

13 - Thursday July 27th - Best of Fantasy Shorts - See Full Lineup

14 - Thursday August 24th

15 - Thursday August 31st

16 - Thursday September 28th

17 - Thursday October 19th

18 - Thursday October 26th

19 - Thursday November 30th

20 - Thursday December 28th

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