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DEADLINE September 25th

FULL FEEDBACK on your SHORT STORY from our committee of Professional Writers, and Writing Consultants. SUBMIT your story now (between 1,000 and 9,000 words)

SUBMIT your STORY today! To be eligible for our Writing Festival Events

WINNERS get their full story read by a professional actor and showcased online for the world to see!

Submissions take 3-5 weeks for evaluation


ACTORWILDsound Performers
List of actors who performed at the Writing Festival
Submit your entire novel and we'll make it into a Audio/Video Book/Short Story
Winners from 2013 to present
Winners get their POEM made into a film.
ALL Poems get showcased on this site

Festival Review - Read testimonials of past submitters feedback on their short story.

Just VOTED one of the top festivals in the world today!

Submit an original short story and get it seen by the world. Submit it now.

A great way to get your words out there, obtain the Agent you're looking for or just get your story seen by more people. If you win, your story will be seen by 100,000s of people when it's read online using a top professional actor. It's a rush you'll never experience in your life seeing it come to life that way.

DEFINITION OF A SHORT STORY - A short story is a work of fiction that is usually written in prose, often in narrative format. A short story usually deals with a few characters.

The RULES are simple:

1. Write a story. Edit the heck out of it. We accept short stories in all genres.

2. Pay the $45 submission fee via the button below or include a cheque payable to WILDsound Film Festival. Please put your full contact info (name, email address) on a title page

NEW: All submissions to this contest also get a FREE LOGLINE listing on this site. Go to the LOGLINE submission page and submit your logline information.

3. Email your story to info@wildsound.ca in .pdf, .doc, .wpd, .rtf, or .fdr format.

In the body in the email please add your:
- TYPE OF STORY (genre, length)
- (optional) and a 1-2 line synopsis of your story.

PLEASE ADD YOUR FULL CONTACT INFO (especially email address) on the title page of your script and film submission!

4. OR, if you like extra full feedback, make your payment here for only $100. With this, the committee points out all grammatical and structural errors in your story. Plus, it sends you an extra 2 pages of notes to enhance your rewrite. (best deal in town!)

A note from the CEO of WILDsound:

When I officially took over the WILDsound Writing Festival in May 2013 from the old majority ownership, the new mandate was to showcase as many scripts, novels, plays, poems, and stories as possible. No more finalists or waiting for a reading for anyone who submitted. If your story is ready, we'll perform it no questions asked. It's that simple. As you can see since that time, we have showcased over 100 stories/scripts at our festival and will continue to showcase 1000s more by the end of the decade.

Our mandate first and foremost is for all the submitters is to receive professional feedback from people in your industry, and we have an excellent rotation of talent who read and give you notes on your work. And they'll tell you what stage your writing piece is at. If it's not ready, you can re-submit your new draft anytime. If it's ready, then we'll make sure thousands of people see your reading online and you will obtain an agent if you do not yet have one.

When your work is ready, it benefits everyone. The festival, the people who approved your work, and of course the writer who wrote the piece. If we feel it is not ready, there is a reason as we try to find as much ready work as possible. Some months you'll see us performing over 10 reading videos, and no matter what we always perform at least 5 stories/scripts at the festival.

We have the platform on our popular network and YouTube channel to showcase many writers using our large database of professional actors to perform your work.

All of the submission fees go to the writer's feedback, and the winning videos.

Matthew Toffolo

ALL SUBMITTED STORIES and FILMS GET FULL FEEDBACK - The goal of the WILDsound Writing Festivals is to help everyone involved grow as an artist, so we will offer some kind of constructive criticism whether or not we accept your entry for the formal festival.

There is no festival like this!

Mainly what this contest does is give exposure to the writer. They will be able to obtain a solid agent, plus get notice by producers looking for writers like yourself. NOTE: The writer will always own 100% rights to their story. The only thing we do is help the writer. Either with notes on their next draft, or gain exposure by having their story showcased at our festival.

Festival Review - Read testimonials of past submitters feedback on their work.

festival posterREAD WRITINGS
Read the winning writingss from 2013
Listen to Radio inteviews from past showcased artists from festival.
Watch full writings readings

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