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(Il Ritorno Di Haircut), Comedy/Supernatural - 5min - Italy

Appeared at WILDsound's May 2013 Film Festival

Directed by Nicholas Lombardi

Stars: Niccolo Senni , The Haircut

WATCH NOW - THE RETURN OF THE HAIRCUT, 5min, Fantasy/Comedy short film from Italy.


Our hair is part of us, yet we cut them and throw them. What happens to them when they are no longer on our heads? The history of this heartbreaking separation seen from a new perspective: that of the hair - Haircut. Hair cut that you do not give up and decide to start a new life.



Born in Milan in ''83, today attended a master of social science research at the University of Cambridge. With a degree in moral philosophy degree from the Universita 'degli Studi di Milano has arrived in the world of finance, in the past worked as an analyst in a private equity fund in Milan. The main theme of these years of different experiences has been a passion for cinema.


He made his debut on the big screen young as the main protagonist in the role of Siddhartha with the film The Pear Tree directed by Francesca Archibugi, for which she won the Marcello Mastroianni Award at the Venice Film Festival. This sets off his film career: in 1999, Giuseppe Bertolucci directs him in the movie The sweet sound of life in 2001 working again with Francesca Archibugi in Tomorrow and in 2007 we find him in As You Desire Me for director Wolfgang De Biasi. In his curriculum there are also some small roles in productions such as The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou (2004), directed by Wes Anderson, Mission: Impossible III (2006), directed by JJ Abrams, and The Moon and the Stars (2007), directed by John Irvin. In 2008, returns to the big screen with the film The second time is never forgotten, directed by Francesco Ranieri Martinotti, Whole Life Ahead directed by Paolo Virzi and in 2009 with Waiting for Godard, directed by Alessandro Aronadio. On television, he worked in the TV miniseries of Channel 5, Piper (2009), directed by Francesco Vicario and I prefer the Paradise (2010) directed by James Campiotti.

short films CLAUDIA BRUGNALETTI, Animator

Began his artistic career by enrolling at the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome, where he studied the techniques of engraving and printing. In 2007, at the Faculty of Fine Arts at the University of Tenerife learned the techniques of manufacture of plastics, sculpture and foundry. In 2010 he had the opportunity to work alongside costume designer Marina Sciarelli, for the preparation of a historical parade Renaissance. Thanks to this opportunity, learn about the history of costume and tailoring techniques and theatrical set design at the side of the artist Pino Genovese. In 2008, responsible for the animation and design of the short film Checkmate, made in stop-motion winner of the contest "New Italian". Between 2010 and 2011 in London, learn more figurative techniques, such as ink and ink. In 2011, realized as a commercial animator and designer for the University Civic "Andrea Sacchi" screened at several festivals. It is in the end the winner of NCN lab (New Cinema Network) laboratory developed by the Fondazione Cinema per Roma in collaboration with the Department of Youth. She is so given the opportunity to realize Charlot!, A stop-motion animated short film that will be involved in the role of director, animator and designer. The short is now being distributed.

GIUSEPPE PIGNONE, Director of photography

Born in 1985 Born in Vicenza, where as a child develops a passion for photography. Digital darkroom before and then moved to Rome where, student of Franco Di Giacomo and Tarek Ben Abdallah begin to know and put into practice the suggestions and techniques of cinematography creating a photograph of several independent short films and video clips. In 2009 he met the director and Domitian Cristopharo begins with him a fruitful artistic collaboration started with the feature film The Museum of Wonders and continued with the feature film Bloody since 2010. In 2011 collaborated with director Gianfrancesco Lazotti for the short film To enter just a dream by the photograph of the short film in stop motion Charlot! of Caludia Brugnaletti; care the photograph latest project by American director Frank LaLoggia - a musical entitled explosive Miro / Miranda!

short films DARIO INCERTI, Mounting film

After earning his diploma in 1999, he became interested in the world of cinema. In 2006 he graduated in sociology at the University of Naples Federico II with a thesis entitled Partenope forlorn: Images of the city in Neapolitan cinema. In 2007 he attended a course at the Avid editing film school Pigrecoemme. In 2008 in Rome meets the editor Cecilia Zanuso with whom he began to work assiduously, as an assistant editor in 2008 It can be done for directed by Giulio Manfredonia, in 2009 Homage to Rome, directed by Franco Zeffirelli in 2009 Incerti direct by Stefano Uncertain; another World in 2010, directed by Silvio Muccino, Things of the World in 2011 directed by Francesco Patierno; Qualunquemente in 2011 directed by Giulio Manfredonia. Always we find him as an assistant in Thank goodness you're directed by Luis Prieto (2009), Monsters today directed by Enrico Oldoini (2009), Enemies Friends directed by Giulio Manfredonia (2010), in the TV movie The Woman of Sunday directed by Giulio Base (2011) and The Immature-trip directed by Paolo Genovese (2012).

short films ALESSANDRA GRANATELLO, Costume

After finishing their studies in fashion and costume, he decided to indulge his artistic spirit and wanderer, working as a costume designer in the villages of Fan Travel around the world, thus developing good problem solving skills and adaptability, until the fateful meeting in 2003 with costume Zaira de Vincentiis, with whom he began working for several plays. Has worked as a costume designer for the first edition of Talents in short realizing the costumes for the service of the customer and the wall in the wilderness with the Company of Stars for all performances of the 2005-06 theater season at the Teatro Sistina, for the show presentation of the 2008 Beijing Olympic uniform with Luca Tommassini; EMRAC for short films; naked life of Dino Santoro. Has worked as an assistant costume designer, ranging from theater, film, television and advertising, with Francesca Schiavon, Claudia Tortora, Silvia Frattolillo, Isabelle Caillot, Ursula Patzak, Grace Colombini, Chiara Ferrantini, Daniela Rossi, Daniela and Marco Vantaggiato Biesta.

short films VALERIO VIGLIAR, Musician

Composer, Musician and Singer Italian. Vigliar Valerio was born in Rome in 1976. In 2002, thanks to the encounter with the theater company TDA (Theatre Apparitions) deals with sensory theater. In 2004 he founded the band Liu with the poet / writer Michael Reynolds, a project that experiments, between words and music, languages often different from each other: spoken words from alternative rock to jazz to funk to get to the end of the song form. In 2005 he wrote a piece for solo piano for the short film by Claudio Noce Air, won the David di Donatello. In 2007, commissioned by the Spanish sculptor Guido Dettoni writes the work chamber Crux. In 2009 he composed the soundtrack of the film Good Morning Aman by Claudio Noce. In 2011, signing the soundtrack of the film debut of Gianni Pacinotti The Last Man on Earth. Also in 2011 on commission from the Exhibition Palace wrote the soundtrack for the Russian film The New Babylon. Valerio believes that there are no limits to the form to tell the images or visual suggestions, whether they are artistic in nature, environmental or film.