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  MOVIE POSTER OLIVIA, Crime/Drama - 6min - Canada
Appeared at WILDsound's August 2013 Film Festival

Directed by Prasanna Paul

Genre: Crime / Drama / Base on a true story

Length: 6:50


A lonely girl in a room filled with memories reflects back to her horrifying past which she can't seem to escape.

Director's Statement:

Written by a Hollywood writer Jack Ketchum "Olivia" tells the story of a love bond between two girls and the horrifying end. It's based on a true event which goes from Olivia's girlfriend's point of view. We wanted to put the audience in her shoes and drive the story from there. We also wanted to drive the story visually and take them on an emotional rollercoaster.

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Production Notes:

"Olivia" is written by Jack Ketchum, writer of Hollywood feature films "The Girl Next Door", "Red". I had the opportunity to work with him on my film school's final term. The film was entirely shot on 35 mm, with the support of Toronto Film School. The first day of shooting took place in "University of Ontario" (UOIT) and we had a great shoot with a very high enthusiastic crew. Overall this film was a wonderful experience and as young film makers we learned a lot


Rebecca Liddiard : Olivia
Genevieve Dufour : Narrator (Olivia's Girl Friend)
Curtis Jurgens : Olivia's ex-boyfriend


Prasanna Paul - Executive Producer
Premjee Paul - Producer
Romeo Cohen - Director of Photography
Mo Hassan - Co-Director of Photography
Prasanna Paul - Editior
Anicka Dummett - Casting director
Sarah Pugsley - Art Director
Brittney - Special Makeup Effects
Darshit Trivedi - Production Manager
Elene Mekete - Second Assitant Director
Darshit Trivedi - First Assistant Director
Darrel Mekete - Sound Mixer
Paul Viret - Sound Editor
James Newton - Speical effects Makeup
Prasanna Paul - Visual effects
Stecan Adams - Grip
Jeff Alderson - Gaffer
Ho Anderson - First assistant camera
Charlie Inglehart - Assistant Camera
Daniel Shojaei - Second Assistant Camera
Lixa-Mae Padilla - Script Supervisor
Donald Hshieh - PA
Brenton Huxtable - PA
Shakithyab Niranjan - PA
Henry Biro - PA
Danny Saywack - PA
Fernanda Sequeria - PA