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  MOVIE POSTER BLOOD OF BISHOP, Drama, 9min. - Drama
Appeared at WILDsound's July 2013 Film Festival

Directed by Phil Moniz


At the age of seventeen, the death of Sean McCauley's mother caused his father, Ted, to suffer a mental break. In his grief, he tragically turned a rifle on the employees of the medical centre where she had been receiving treatment. After his arrest, Sean's shame drove him to flee his life in the tiny town of Bishop, in northern Ontario.

Six years, one daughter, and a hard life later, Sean is forced to return to Bishop to deal with the estate of his father who has recently died in prison. He must meet up with Austin, his father's old best friend and an uncle in all but name, who will try to convince him that he need not feel defined by his fatherís demons, and to reconnect with his true home in Bishop.

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Full Cast

- Kevin Claydon
- Ray Landry

- Michael Koras
- Christopher Gauthier
- Melissa Mae Lloyd


- Director: Phil Moniz
- Cinematography: Justin Singer
- Assistant Camera: Mike Chiang
- Sound Recording: Adam Png
- Assistant Sound: Caleb Valant
- Colourist: Michael Anderson
- Sound Engineer: Brian Bernard
- Composer: Scott Hannigan
- Makeup: Bella Whiteman

Director Statement

Blood of Bishop was first written as a feature film in early 2011. Our idea came from thinking about the psychological effects of someone related to one of the all too frequent tragedies seen in shooting events like Ecole Polytechnique and Virginia Tech. Our goal was to look not at the victims' and their families, but at those close to the people who commit such heinous acts and how their lives are forever altered. The events of this past year have, tragically, thrown these issues into a new light. It is becoming ever more important to examine how these situations effect the people involved and, perhaps more importantly, our societal consciousness as a whole.