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TURN your STORY into a MOVIE
Deadline February 1st

SUBMIT your story (both your 1st chapter, short story, or full novel accepted)

And we'll make it into a movie.

All entries will have their story performed by a professional voice over artist. And edited by a professional editor!

Submissions take 5-7 weeks to be created

Just VOTED one of the top festivals in the world today!

Submit your story and get it seen by the world.

A great way to get your words out there, obtain the Agent you're looking for or just get your story seen by more people. Your Audio/Video Book will be seen by 100,000s of people when it's read online using a top professional voice over actor.

As an example of our Voice Over Performers, Editors, and Visual Design Talent, you can WATCH the recent stories made into a movie.

Not only will we give you a very solid recording of your novel, we'll also give it a VISUAL and CINEMATIC experience so enhance your story and garner more viewers from the YouTube world. See the video above for examples. Our job is to make sure the video recording of your story has a timeless feel so it can be online forever.

Please email us at for questions and a price quote.

Quotes vary on the length of each story or novel. We can also make a movie out of transcripts from a particular novel. In the voice over work, which we do first, it generally takes about 1 minute per 100 words to perform. So for example a 5000 word story will be around 50 minutes in length (give or take around 5-10 minutes), which will cost around $400 to have done. But every story is different and we will to a preliminary check on it and quote you.

What we'll do is either post your Audio/Video book on our YouTube channel and get you 1000s of hits (guaranteed within 30 days when it's posted), or we can post it on your own present or newly created channel. Bottomline, we will help promote your video and book and make sure it's seen by the right people.

For entire novel submissions, we will create a video for each chapter and then create a playlist so people can listen to it all together.

TURN your STORY into a MOVIE